Exploring The Effects Of Anxiety On Your Skin

Anxiety takes a toll on you mentally and physically, and sometimes your skin is the first with the signs. While your body undergoes a lot of strain from the stress that goes unnoticed, your skin tends to show it.

Anxiety leads to changes in your body caused by changes in your hormones. Being stressed out leaves you in a fight-or-flight state, which isn’t great for your body, let alone skin!

The good old saying goes, “you are what you eat,” and it’s very accurate, but you’re also what you feel. And anxiety causes stress on your skin that’s quite visible!



When you’re feeling stressed out, the hormone cortisol is elevated in your blood. This is the same hormone responsible for those breakouts you experience under stress.

Cortisol makes your skin produce more oil which can leave your pores clogged and lead to pimples forming. You can tell when your skin gets oily throughout exam season or even when you’ve been working hard to meet deadlines.

With all these new blemishes on our faces, we become more conscious, leading to picking at the pimples. Sometimes picking at it makes it worse, and whatever oozes out can lead to further breakouts!

Eye bags


When you’re stressed out, you don’t get much sleep; your problems keep you up at night and wake you up the next day! The skin under our eyes becomes puffy and even swollen when we don’t get the sleep we deserve.



If your hormones aren’t regulated your skin barrier is going to be affected, which makes you susceptible to dry skin. You can go to your favorite beauty guru for help with this and there are a number of products to help hydrate your skin!



Stressing can lead to your skin losing its elasticity, so that may make your eye bags worse, but that could also mean wrinkles! A lot of aestheticians do botox these days to help you get rid of the wrinkles you don’t want.

An easier way could be to manage your stress better. No one wants to age prematurely, so find a way to release your stress at the end of your workday like exercising or even meditating!



Stress can trigger conditions like eczema and psoriasis because it weakens your immune system. That can leave your skin turning red or becoming irritated easily and causing conditions like eczema to flare up.

We all are extremely conscious of our skin, it’s one feature everyone sees as soon as they look at us. But one thing we’ve learned throughout the pandemic is that we aren’t alone when it comes to facing these skin conditions.

While we’ve learned to come to terms with being unable to change our blemishes, there are still procedures you can undergo. They help boost your confidence, so why not treat your skin to a procedure or facial and feel better about it?

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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