Exploring The Grey Blending Trend

Jun 19, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Going grey can be a nightmare, and every time you cover it up with dye, it just comes back tenfold! But what if you could transition to grey instead of covering it up? That would take a whole lot of maintenance off your hands!


It’s a bit difficult coming to terms with the fact that you’re finally getting older. And with the pressures of society, you dread looking in the mirror and seeing any signs of it!


Then one day, you end up looking in the mirror only to see that the color from your hair is leaving you. But you don’t feel the age, so you run to the salon in hopes that covering it up will hold on to your youth just a bit longer!

You can’t avoid going grey, but you can conceal it! However, it ends up taking so much of your time and money trying to avoid the inevitable!


But there is something known as grey blending. It might be the confidence boost you need to embrace your greys finally!

The blending is achieved by using a technique of adding highlights and a balayage to blend the grey into your natural color. So no matter your hair color, grey blending will ease you into your grey!


The blending happens in a transition of highlights that start a little ways from your roots and down into a balayage dye. It’s perfect for transitioning your hair into your naturally growing greys!

That usually means less time worrying about covering up your greys because you can easily let it grow out and transition to a full head of grey! And it also gives you a chance to adjust and embrace the color!


So say hello to low maintenance! And instead of heading to the salon every month or so for a dye, you can do whatever else you want!

Depending on your choice, you can either showcase your greys or camouflage them into your hair. To do this, your hair expert will choose from a range of grey and even blonde tones!


The grey blending trend is a movement that’s trying to break the stigma of going grey. After all, it’s only natural!

It’s a great way to get you to embrace your greys, not to mention everyone will be complimenting how amazing your hair looks! Embrace your greys because it’s only a matter of color; you don’t have to wither away because of it!