Exploring The Positive Effects Of Reading Regularly

While the world was in self-isolation, we had to learn new ways to entertain ourselves that didn’t involve going out and seeing other people. It was uncharted territory for us all, and it was not easy, but we managed it. 

Some went through all of Netflix and then rewatched their favorites, some started to create art, and others took a deep dive into the library of books they owned but had never read and found that reading so much changed their lives. 

It might not be life-changing in how winning the lottery is, but reading can make you smarter and we’re going to tell you how. 

It Increases Your IQ


Reading can increase your IQ simply because of the vocabulary that you learn from books. Learning new words will open your mind and increase your IQ naturally. It can also help you do better in tests and exams because you have more vocabulary to draw and understand the content. 

Even if you are no longer in a phase in your life in which you do tests and exams, reading and expanding your vocabulary is a good idea to participate in more conversations and contribute positively towards them. 

It Boosts Brain Power 


While you are reading, you are engaging your brain in a conversation with itself. Doing this will naturally boost your brainpower. Think of reading a few chapters a day in the same way as jogging around the block. 

Reading a book is essentially a workout for your brain. Reading books regularly can also help to increase your memory abilities. You will be able to remember much more for much longer if you read as often as possible. 

It Improves Your Analytical Abilities 


Reading books like psychological thrillers will help to improve your analytical reasoning and help you apply those skills to your daily life. Reading these kinds of books will help you make better decisions in your daily life because you will have the right skills. 

You can’t expect to read one psychological thriller and be a super sleuth, though. You will need to read these kinds of books regularly to reap the full benefits that they have to offer. 

It Keeps You Sharp As You Age 


We are all scared of as we get older of losing our memories and, ultimately, our minds. It is a daunting fact that as we get older, we are not as sharp as we once were, but this does not have to be the case. 

Reading can keep you mentally sharp as you age so that your mind stays alert for longer than it would have without reading. Think of reading as the fountain of youth, but for your brain. 

It Improves Communication


We all know how frustrating it is to speak to someone who cannot express themselves adequately. Knowing how to communicate immediately makes you seem more intelligent because you can understand people and make them understand you. 

Reading can improve your communication skills because you will read dialogues in which people express themselves appropriately and have an expanded vocabulary to help you.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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