Exploring The 'Wolf Cut' Hair Trend

Jun 05, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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There's a new hairstyle that's sweeping the TikTok and celebrity streets that you do not want to miss out on. The style is called a wolf cut, and apparently, it looks good on everyone. However, what is the origin of this very mullet and shag cut hairstyle?


The shag came from the 80s and was famous for its choppy ends, layered crown, and texture. However, the modern shag is similar but takes the 80s out of the style, through the mullet-like layers tapering at the bottom and finished off with a heavy fringe or side-fringe

The "Wolf Cut" is a mix between a mullet and a shag cut due to its wavy layers and choppy bangs that frame the face due to the longer choppy hair at the end. To maintain it, mist some texturizer in and fluff up your hair with your hands. However, the process may not be as cut and dry for the straight-haired. Let's explore the trend below.

The Soft Wolf Cut


As seen on Bille Eilish, the soft wolf cut features the classic textured look and a more delicate shape, unlike others which are pretty severe, but we will get to that below. The crown is also cut into a few choppy layers. The soft wold cut is perfect for those who aren't ready to commit to the total attitude of the look.

The Short Hair Wolf Cut


The most popular version of the wolf cut is the short-haired take on the style. It's full of attitude, edge and frames the face beautifully. If you want to spice up the style a little more, exaggerate the flicks at the bottom. One of the most popular ways to wear the cut. Keep things cute by exaggerating the flicks at the bottom.

The Extreme Wolf Cut


Go extreme with the shaggy aspect of the wolf cut by creating uber shaggy layers at the top of your head before tapering down sharply at the bottom. If you have longer hair and are looking to try out the trend, try this version.

The Wolf Curly Cut


Remember how that trend is meant to suit every hair type and texture? Well, if you've got curly hair, please consider the wolf cut as well. The curls are stacked atop one another and then trimmed towards the bottom of your hair.

The Light Layered Wolf Cut


The light-layered styling in this version of the wolf cut is far less extreme than other versions. Think coastal casual instead of rock and roll. It still features the classic wolf cut shape that remains full at the top and bottom tapers. However, the layers are cut into flicks that measure at the ear lobe.

The Deep Mullet Wolf Cut

Last but not least is the deep mullet wolf cut. As the name suggests, it leans heavily on its mullet origins that makes it super edgy. As seen on Debby Ryan, the mullet was styled further back into her hairline, and her fringe was layered to her ear.