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Exploring Tibetan Numerology


September 05, 2021

If you're the type of person who collects crystals, burns sage, and asks every person you meet their exact date, time, and location of birth to determine whether or not you can actually spend time with them, this article is most definitely for you.

Astrology and spirituality are becoming more and more popular, with more people now than ever wanting to know everything they can about their astrological charts and what it means for them to be surrounded by the people they are surrounded with.

However, not many people know what Tibetan numerology is and how much it can tell them about themselves.

What Is Tibetan Numerology

When you ask someone for their exact date, time, and location of birth, it is usually so that you can read their birth chart and find out what their rising, moon, and sun signs are. This generally helps you to understand the person better.

Tibetan numerology is similar in that it uses the person's first name and their birth date to determine what they are on earth to do and what their gifts are in terms of what they have to offer the world that has nothing to do with material possessions.

Knowing your numbers is something that every person should know because it will allow them better to understand themselves and their purpose on this earth.

Why Should I Know My Numbers

As mentioned before, knowing your numbers is important so that you can understand your life's purpose a little better and give everything that you have to offer to this world in the best way possible.

However, it goes even deeper than that. In Tibetan numerology, it is believed that everything can be ascribed a number to describe that object. The number is given through the full name of the person as well as their birth date.

Your first name and birth date will tell you your life path number and explore your gifts on this earth. Your life path number tells you what you are on this earth to do, and your gifts tell you what you have to offer aside from your life path. For example, your life path number might say that you are a spiritual teacher and that your gifts are unconditional love.

Your last name carries with it your karma. Everything that is meant to happen to you in this life is carried in your last name and can be deciphered by ascribing the relevant numbers to it. All of these elements put together will help you to understand your purpose better.

How Can I Find My Numbers


Many talented readers could read your Tibetan numerology numbers to you and give you insight into what you should do with the information you find about yourself.

However, suppose you can intuitively decide what you need to do about the information you receive. In that case, many online generators can be found simply by using a search engine.