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Exploring Tongue Piercings


September 07, 2021

Getting a piercing is nothing new to many people. Most people have piercings, and most people know how best to take care of those piercings once they have had them done. Piercings are a common practice in today's world.

However, some piercings are a little more complicated and intricate than others and therefore need more specific aftercare, and cleaning is done on them. Tongue piercings are one of these piercings.

WomanlyLive has your back, though, and we're bringing you everything you need to know about tongue piercings.


As with any other piercing, the pain level will be heavily dependant on what your pain tolerance is. If you have low pain tolerance, it will hurt much more than it would hurt someone with high pain tolerance.

The tongue is a muscle that does not feel pain to the degree you might think. Tongues need to be responsive to taste and touch and therefore have a high pain threshold in general.


Your tongue is one place on your body that tends to heal the fastest. If you have ever burned or bitten your tongue, you will know that it does not take very long for it to start feeling better again.

A piercing is, of course, much more drastic than biting or burning your tongue by accident, but it still does not take very long to heal. The maximum time that you are looking at is four to six weeks.


Depending on where you go to have the piercing done and the jewelry you choose to get the piercing done with, your tongue piercing will be different.

A tongue piercing could land up costing anywhere from $35-$100. You mustn't simply go with the cheapest option, though. Do your research and find the place that will ensure your piercing is done correctly.


As with any piercing, you need to look after your tongue piercing after having had it done, not to become infected or close up again once you have done it.

With a tongue piercing, you will need to speak to the person who pierced your tongue to determine the aftercare procedure for your piercing. Still, it will most likely be that you need to wash your mouth a minimum of twice a day with salt water and eat soft foods in the weeks following getting the piercing.

Adverse Effects

When you get a piercing somewhere else on your body, you will generally not notice any adverse effects until they become very noticeable, like in the case of getting an infection. However, with your tongue, the effects will be noticeable sooner.

You will most likely have swelling in your tongue for a while after you get your piercing, and if you do not take proper care of it, you might get an infection. However, the most noticeable side effect is dental erosion. Having your tongue piercing rubbing against your teeth could end with your teeth eroding.


Who Can Get One

Most people will walk into any piercing shop and get a tongue piercing with no problem. As long as you are of legal age or have your parents' permission, if you aren't, you should be able to get a tongue piercing.

However, you will be asked to stick your tongue out before you get the piercing, and if your tongue is too short, you might be turned away as your tongue might be too short to be pierced.