Exploring Under Eye Fat Transfers

Jun 28, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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Plastic surgery used to be a taboo subject that nobody wanted to admit to, even when it was evident that they had had plastic surgery done. However, it has become a trend recently to have fillers and transfers and all manner of other plastic surgery procedures done.


One of these procedures is an undereye fat transfer. It sounds like something that nobody would ever want to have done to themselves, but it is a form of plastic surgery that many people are having done.

We decided to unpack exactly what it is and what the procedure entails so that you didn’t have to.

What Is It?



Whether you have undereye bags or the area under your eyes is a little less plump than you would like it to be, you have most likely thought about having something done that would remedy the situation.


There are many remedies for these kinds of problems, but the one we are taking a look at in this article is the transfer of fat from other parts of your body into the area under your eyes to plump the area up a little.



It might sound a little daunting, but it is a fairly safe procedure, and many people who have done it have been ecstatic with the results that they have seen from having it done.

The Procedure



You might think that all fat is unhealthy fat; indeed that is what we have been taught by the media. However, for this procedure, it is the healthy fat in your body that is used to insert into the area under your eyes.

The fat is pulled out of an area of your body where it is unwanted, but healthy fat with a syringe. The fat is then separated from anything that would not be suitable to reinsert into the body.




Once this has been done, the fat is then injected into the undereye area, or any other area of your body that might need this procedure.




As with all plastic surgery, this procedure is not a permanenent solution and will need to be redone once or twice to ensure that you are happy with the results as they might fade away after some time.

However, a fat transfer is a much more permanent solution than fillers and can last much longer than fillers which only last 18 months on average. If you’re looking for a longer lasting option then fat transfer is what you need.

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