Eyebrow Raising Rules Reality Stars Are Expected To Abide By

Oct 19, 2020
08:00 A.M.
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We have all heard that the world of reality television can be a little cooky. Former reality TV stars and producers have spilled tea on the behind the scenes moments that we would never expect.


Lifetime drama series Unreal gives us a glimpse of what could occur behind the scene of a dating show. The juicy and outrageous show may be closer to real-life than what we see on reality television.

Contestants and cast members of reality TV shows have to abide by some peculiar regulations. Take a look at some of the bizarre guidelines most reality TV stars have to follow while filming a show.

They Are Not Allowed To Sing

Cast members for reality TV shows are encouraged to act but are gravely discouraged from singing. Television networks have to pay unwanted licensing fees to use footage with any music or singing in it.


As a result, shows like The Voice also have limits to which songs contestants can sing. Footage of multiple contestants overlaps often and can be challenging to edit, so this rule is essential for most shows.

Contestants Pay A Fine If They Reveal A Spoiler

Top Chef contestants reportedly have to pay a hefty million dollar fine if they reveal a detail beforehand. Most reality television show contracts have a fine clause against spoilers, but Top Chef’s charge is ridiculous.

The clauses protect shows from disgruntled contestants who may want to sell information during filming. Now we know why it is challenging to get reality TV stars to say anything before a show’s season ends.


Cast Members Must Go Through Psychological Screenings

The world of reality television can be grueling. Show producers are well aware of the straining conditions on some shows, and they must make provisions to protect the contestant's mental health.

Contestants and cast members need to pass a psychological screening to be considered for the show. This rule exists, so there is no life-threatening meltdowns on or off-screen during the show’s run.

Producers Have The Last Say


Some shows have judges, and others have the main contestant, but they don’t have the final say. Producers have a lot of control over what happens during a reality tv show, and everyone has to play along.

Whether they manipulate cast members or talk judges into cutting a contestant, they decide what’s best. This rule is usually stated in show contracts, so cast members do not oppose any producer’s instructions.

No Clocks Are Allowed


Shows like Love Island prohibit the possession of watches and clocks in the villa. Contestants are not allowed to know the time, are kept on a strict sleep schedule, and their shower times are also scheduled.

All of the clocks that do appear in the villa are deliberately set incorrectly as well. Former contestant Michael Griffith shared that he and his colleagues tried to tell the time the old fashioned way.

“We tried to make a sundial, but we still couldn’t figure out when.”

Says Michael Griffith