Hair Rescue: How To DIY A Root Retouch

Nov 02, 2020
02:41 A.M.
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The likelihood of a second wave of coronavirus gives us even more of a reason to stay at home once again. Although socially distanced gatherings are okay, a visit to the salon may be too risky for some.


It seems like DIY projects are the theme for this year as we’ve had to let go of some services. Hairdressers were closed for several weeks during lockdown leaving us with overgrown hair.

Although many of us have visited the salon recently, the need for a root touch up will come soon. It would be best to keep safe in the next few weeks, so we’ve listed the best products for your specific at-home root solution.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Stick


Price: $25

Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan developed her touch up range that offers different results. This root concealer stick is the best for filling in the roots at your temple quickly as easily.

The concealer has a creamy formula, and the pigment covers all unwanted root colors perfectly. Although this small stick disguises outgrown roots well, it is undetectable to the unsuspecting person.

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray


Price: $34

This quality range root touch up product is popular amongst celebrities and their stylists. The airbrush spray comes in several colors and makes hair appear thicker while touching up regrowth.

Oribe’s spray is excellent for covering large areas, and it is one of the few products with a platinum color. You might want to stock up on more than one of these sprays as they will come in handy at some point.

Garnier Express Retouch Grey Hair Concealer

Price: $8.99

Garnier’s root concealing product is a marker that is infused with temporary hair color. This retouching tool covers grey hair instantly and even soaks up the oil on your scalp, leaving it glossier than before.

You can purchase this budget buy at any Target, so it is easier to get a hold of than your colorist. This product is available in dark blonde, dark brown, light brown, and black and works best for grey hair.

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