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Health Guide: Tips To Keep Your Immune System In Check


February 03, 2021

A healthy body and sound mind are essential to live a happy and fulfilling life. And a strong immune system ensures the smooth running of our bodily functions, and constitutes an active lifestyle.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we have finally become more conscious about our health and lifestyle choices. However, keeping our immunity strong goes far beyond including healthy options in our daily diet. 

If we want to have a robust immune system, we need to start making positive changes to our daily routine. Take a look at our health guide to keep a good check on your immunity this winter season and throughout the year. 

Stay Hydrated 

Keeping yourself well hydrated helps you stay active, healthy and on top of your daily routine. Water acts as a natural solvent and medium for all the functions taking place within your body, and also helps remove toxins. 

Drinking water at room temperature also helps regulate the smooth running of your organs, and ensures heart and lung health. Try to monitor your water intake throughout the day and start your day with a glass of water. 

Cut Down Junk Foods 

It can be quite overwhelming to resist the welcome sight of packet chips, candies and other junk food items, but they can do more harm than good. Try to reduce your junk food intake as much as possible, because they can destroy your immunity. 

Consume Supplements & Probiotics

It is not always possible to get all the nutrients from your daily intake of food. In such cases, you can opt for additional options such as supplements and probiotics. 

Vitamin supplements, mainly Vitamin C, are good for ensuring a strong immune system. Probiotics also help keep your digestive system running well and protect your gut, so you are strong enough to fight diseases.  

 Monitor Your Stress Levels 

Are you someone who's mostly stressed out because of something or the other going on around you or within you? If you want to build a powerful immune system, start with combating your stress and find ways to keep yourself calm and happy. 

Get Enough Sleep 

When we don't get adequate sleep, it can weigh down on our physical and emotional health. Our body has an automatic repair mechanism, which only gets properly activated at nighttime. 

If we don't follow a normal sleep cycle of five to eight hours, our disrupted rest patterns can take their toll on our overall well-being. While experiencing irritation and body aches are just subtle symptoms, major changes can take place within our bodies, some of which can be detrimental in the longer run. 



Having a healthy and active lifestyle can go a long way in ensuring your immune system is always ready to fight illness. So include a little stretching, moving around, and ideally, a complete workout plan in your routine.