How To Create The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Apr 20, 2021
03:00 A.M.
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Spring is the perfect season for intimate picnics and tea-time chats with loved ones. We’ve had to create our own fun at home, and knowing how to make an easy appetizer is crucial for a good time.


If there is one thing that can bring people together, it is a good snack. Now that it’s spring and we’re allowed to gather with family and friends safely, it’s time to step up our snack serving game again.

A charcuterie board is a perfect solution for appealing to many people since it has variety. Read more if you are interested in learning how to make a perfectly delectable charcuterie board for your intimate soiree.

What You Need


A classic charcuterie board has a range of snacks that have different textures and flavors. Each snack food is easy to pick up and eat, and the snacks can complement each other if you try various combinations.

To make the perfect charcuterie board, you need a base such as a cheese board or any other serving platter. Some alternatives you can use for the base include sheet pans, iron skillets, or pizza paddles.


Next, you need the ingredients, including a range of products like cheese, cold meats, and fruits. You will also need small bowls for condiments like preserves, honey, or mustard and briny snacks like olives.

One of the best things about a charcuterie board is the selection of crackers and crunchy snacks. Make sure to add your favorite crunchy additions like almonds, crackers, breadsticks, cheese twists, and more.

Building The Board


Once you have all of your ingredients and your surfaces are ready and clean, you can get started. First, you need to build the board’s foundation by placing a soft and hard cheese selection on the surface.

Next, you’ll need to beef up the board by adding two to three different types of pre-cut meats. You can roll up slices of prosciutto, fold round pieces in quarters, make miniature salmon roses, and stack creatively where necessary.


Then, add your dips, condiments, and briny snacks like pickles in small bowls scattered around the board. Once that is done, brighten up the board’s appearance with fresh fruits like grapes, cherries, kiwi, berries, etc.

Finally, it is time to add a crunch to the board with crackers, breadsticks, nuts, and pretzels. Nuts fill the gaps, upright breadsticks add some height, and a little rosemary sprig or edible flower action can top it off.

Safe Sharing Alternatives


Since we are still well within a pandemic, it’s ideal to consider the implications of sharing food. Although charcuterie boards are perfect because they are a communal appetizer, they do create risk for transmission.

However, your spring get-together doesn’t have to go without a charcuterie board. Now that you know what it takes to make one, you can venture into some of the more coronavirus safe alternatives for now.


Instead of making a communal charcuterie board, you can make a jarcuterie or any other single-serving snack board. All you need is to buy small jars, cones, or any other container to build individual boards in.

Fill your single-serving containers with all the essential charcuterie board snack ingredients and garnish. Place the individual snack jars on a board and allow loved ones to take their own and use sachets for condiments.