How To Manage and Prevent Workout Breakouts

Working out has several benefits for your body and mind and even your skin, but if you have acne-prone skin, exercising might exacerbate your skin. 

Exercising can help you build mental and physical strength, and not to mention its miraculous mood-boosting capabilities. In short, working up a sweat is a positive thing, even for your skin in some cases, but, unfortunately, working out can also create the ideal conditions for acne-causing bacteria to thrive.

Thankfully you can take some preemptive measures to help you minimize the risk of a workout-related breakout with a few simple considerations.

Before Your Workout 

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If you wear makeup, make sure that you clean the makeup from your face before you start your workout. Washing your face before you workout rids your face of bacteria and dirt on your skin that might clog pores and cause breakouts.

Also, if you have hair that gets in your face, tie it back and away from your face. Natural oils from your hair and products can transfer to your skin.

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For any equipment that might touch exposed skin, for instance, your face or your back, make sure you wipe down the equipment. The bacteria on it can get onto your skin and cause acne.

During Your Workout

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Opt for moisture-wicking gym clothing if you are prone to acne in your body. Sweaty, tight clothes can trap moisture next to your skin, creating ideal conditions for acne to flare up.

During your workout, avoid unnecessarily touching your face. Ideally, you should avoid touching your face unless you really have to and your hands are clean.

Post-Workout Skincare Routine 

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After you’ve had your workout, develop a skincare routine. Ideally, you might want to get out of your sweaty gym clothes as soon as possible. 

Afterward, hop into the shower and cleanse your face to minimize the risk of acne-causing bacteria entering your pores. 

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Sometimes despite the precautions and self-care measures you might take, you can’t avoid the flare-ups. In that case, you might consider seeing a dermatologist who might prescribe medications to help treat your acne.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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