How To Take Care of Your Hands and Keep Them Looking Youthful

May 26, 2021
09:00 A.M.
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Why are we not treating our hands with the same care and love we treat other parts of our skin?


We’re so used to talking about the latest skincare routine that we often overlook other parts of our bodies, such as our hands. The thought of a hand care routine might sound a bit silly, but we should consider the fact that the hands are one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging.

Simple steps such as applying sunscreen to the hands can protect them from the aging side effects of the sun. Indeed, a good SPF might be one of the best solutions to start anti-aging hand care, but there’s more to it.

Moisturize Your Hands

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash


Hands are exposed to wind, rain, work, sun, and water, plus with the frequent washing and hands sanitizer application have increased due to the pandemic, our hands get the moisture sapped out of them more than other parts of our body.

Include natural moisturizers into your hand care routine such as macadamia, olive oil, vitamin E, and shea butter to give it a boost of hydration.

Search For The Best Hand Cream

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash


Look for a hand cream containing ceramides, molecules that help form a protective layer and retain moisture. Also, when doing your skincare routine, it doesn’t hurt to apply some of it into your hands as well.

Wear Gloves

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Washing the dishes constantly can dry out the hands’ skin as the dish soaps are often abrasive, removing the natural oils in the skin. The perfumes in dish soaps can also irritate your skin and exacerbate conditions like eczema. Protect your hands and wash the dishes with a pair of gloves.



Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

Exfoliate your hands; why not? Exfoliation helps the skin rid the dead cells, and it allows treatments like SPF and moisturizer to sink in. You can use a mild exfoliation on the back of your hands once a week, using a specific product or a DIY treatment by using a teaspoon of sugar combined with a hydrating oil, like coconut oil.

Apply Sunscreen

Photo by Arthur Pereira on Unsplash

Photo by Arthur Pereira on Unsplash

As we mentioned, our hands are being constantly exposed to natural agents, and exposure to the sun ages the skin, even the hands. You can prevent more aging spots from appearing by applying sunscreen daily on the hands, and don’t forget to reapply after washing them.

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