Industry Pros Reveal Their Favorite Skincare Tips For Women Over 50

Jun 11, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Aging is something we cannot avoid, and it often requires us to change up many of our routines. Skincare regimes are part of those many changes we must consider at a certain point in our lives.


Everybody has some sort of basic skincare routine that works for their skin type. However, most of us are unaware that these skincare practices may have to shift and change once we reach a certain age range.

There are many women over 50 who look effortlessly radiant at all times, thanks to their skincare regimen. Read more to take a look at the skincare tips that industry professionals recommend for women over fifty.

Daily Sun Protection


We continually hear about the importance of sunscreen, and this wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t essential. Dermatologists recommend the daily application of UVB and UVA rays blocking sunscreen lotions.

It is also essential to reapply your sunscreen lotion regularly throughout the day. Experts also suggest that women over fifty apply sunscreen lotion on their hands as well since the hands start aging sooner.

Purchase Products For Your Skin Type


If you aren’t a skincare enthusiast, you probably do not know much about your skin type. Unfortunately, once you reach a certain age, it is critical that you use skincare products that cater to your skin’s specific needs.

When one gets older, the skin produces fewer natural oils making the skin more prone to dryness and wrinkling. Pay careful attention to what your skin does when you age so you can use skin-specific products.

Use Gentle Exfoliants


Exfoliating is essential for all skincare, but it is vital to be gentle with skin that is older as it is thinner than usual. Many exfoliators can cause tearing, so experts recommend a minimal approach to physical exfoliation.

Experts also recommend using a calming elixir with soothing ingredients after exfoliating at this age. They also warn that women over fifty should not exfoliate their skin more than three times a week to avoid irritating the skin.

Try A Facial Massage


A facial massage may not seem like something significant, but it makes all the difference to the skin. Facial massages help boost collagen production, which is fantastic for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

A daily facial massage will also help sculpt the facial muscles, improve cell turnover, blood flow, and reduce puffiness. You can use your fingertips or a facial massage tool in an upwards motion daily to reap the results.

Amp Up The Moisture


We’ve already mentioned that skin gets drier with age, decreasing the hyaluronic level on our skin. This decrease means that skin is unable to retain cell moisture which makes fine lines and wrinkles more visible.

To avoid this process, it is essential to consider using serums and moisturizing creams with hyaluronic acid. Try to use a serum and a moisturizer once you reach this age to replenish and further protect the skin.