James Charles Youtube Channel Is Temporarily Demonetized

May 01, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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On April 19, 2021, YouTube announced they would temporarily demonetize the channel of mega makeup mega influencer James Charles. The embattled star recently made headlines for allegedly sending sexually explicit messages to minors.


The rising allegations against James Charles culminated in a video where the star admitted to sending sexually explicit texts. However, Charles maintained that he was unaware that those who received the messages were underage.

The move by YouTube is joined by other companies previously allied to the star. This includes cosmetic company Morphe, who the star collaborated with to roll out his viral Gen Z favored eyeshadow palette.

YouTube's Statment on James Charles


YouTube cited its Creator Responsibility Policy in reference to the actions against Charles. The policy states that YouTube has the right to take action against creators who violate the company's terms.

"If we see that a creator's on- and/or off-platform behavior harms our users, community, employees or ecosystem, we may take action to protect the community."

YouTube has not provided the exact date when they plan to restore the monetization of Charles's makeup channel. The channel boasts millions of viewers and is cited as one of the significant sources of Charles's income.

James Charles, The Social Media Star


Charles is one of the wealthiest influencers on YouTube. Cosmetify, a site that assists consumers in making price comparisons on cosmetics, estimates that Charles makes $25,000 per video.

Moreover, Charles has an equally large following on TikoTok and Instagram. His sponsored Instagram posts are estimated at $89,000, while a sponsored TikTok video from the influencer is estimated at $35,000

What is Demonetization?


YouTube's demonetization policy will see the company turn off ads playing in the video. Moreover, a creator's videos removed from YouTube's Partner Program will not get recommended to users. The company's creator liaison explained the reason saying,

"Great popularity comes great responsibility."

So what exactly violates YouTube's terms. The company deems content showing dangerous, reckless, or inappropriate behavior as grounds for action. However, corporate punishment will also be meted if a creator participates in abusive, violent, cruel, or fraudulent activities offline.

What's Next For James Charles


In the video titled "holding myself accountable," where Charles partly admits to the allegations, the star announced that he would take a lengthy break. Before the scandal, Charles' was the host of "Instant Influencer," a competition show that offered a $50,000 prize and a mentorship from the star.

It was reported that Charles would no longer host the show. As earlier mentioned, Morphe, whose James Charles palette is one of their best selling offerings, has discontinued their relationship with the YouTuber.

YouTubers In Scandals

This is not the first time that Charles has come under fire. In 2019 his career was nearly halted by an accusation of betrayal from fellow YouTuber and mentor Tati. The engagement on Charles's channel immediately fell as his actions drew public ire.

The incident began a series of video messages that saw Charles's followers double to meteoric heights. The makeup artist now joins the list of high-profile YouTubers like Logan Paul, David Dobrik, and more who were demonetized following a scandal.