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Jupiter and Saturn Will AlignOn December Solstice & Create The First "Christmas Star" in Nearly 800 Years


December 11, 2020

This year has been full of unpleasant surprises, so the universe has decided to give us a miracle. We will experience a cosmic occurrence that hasn’t happened in over 800 years this Christmas.

Everybody knows that Christmas is the ideal time for miracles and heartwarming events. The universe has decided to end off this horrible year with an extravagant Christmas miracle on December 21. 

The ‘Star Of Bethlehem’ is a universal icon from the most incredible Christmas miracle story of all time. This year, we will be able to witness the same star effect that shone on the same night that Christmas began. 

A Christmas Miracle

If we had to choose three words to describe 2020, they would be: horrendous, confusing, and devastating. We never thought that we would be writing about a Christmas miracle right before the clock strikes twelve. 

Astronomers predict a cosmic miracle that will result in an occurrence that hasn’t happened in 800 years this winter. If you have heard of the ‘Christmas Star’ or the ‘Star of Bethlehem,’ get excited to see one soon. 

“Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare because of how close the planets will appear to be to one another,”

Says Astronomer Patrick Hartigan

Astronomers revealed that Jupiter and Saturn will line up, creating a lustrous light in the sky. This rare event has not happened since the middle ages, and experts predict won’t happen again until 2080. 

The Technicalities

Experts present that Jupiter and Saturn will align closely enough to appear to collide in the night sky. This close alignment results in a radiant point of light that mimics the Christmas star itself. 

An astronomer suggested that the last time an event like this happened was in the middle ages, around 1226. Although the star will undoubtedly shine bright, stargazers should pull out their telescopes for a good look. 

The Bethlehem Star will be visible anywhere on the Northern Hemisphere for an hour after sunset on December 21. This once in a lifetime event should be most visible to the naked eye in the first week of December. 

How To Enjoy This Event


Although similar events happen every 19 to 20 years, this particular one only happens once in a lifetime. In fact, we are even lucky to have the opportunity to experience such an occurrence ever. 

If anything, this ‘Great Conjunction’ calls for a celebration of some sort. Make a cute Zoom date out of the stargazing and invite your friends to share the experience with you, no matter how far apart you are.