Keke Palmer Shares Acne Selfie After Being Diagnosed With PCOS

Keke Palmer recently got a diagnosis that lifted a hefty weight off her shoulders. The famous actress bravely shared a makeup-free selfie to reveal her journey until much recently. 

If you scroll through Keke Palmer’s Instagram page, you will find a confident young woman with glowing skin. The former child star has been able to hide her struggle with acne, resulting from her undiagnosed PCOS. 

Keke revealed that she struggled with PCOS her entire life before receiving the necessary assistance. Her experience sheds light on the bias that medical practitioners have against black people, especially women.

What Is PCOS

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormone disorder that affects one in ten women. This syndrome is a treatable cause of infertility and can negatively affect a woman’s general health and appearance. 

There are varying complex causes of PCOS, including factors such as lifestyle and genetics. The hormonal disorder can also result in metabolic and reproductive issues and acne, and excessive body hair. 

Keke’s Long Struggle With PCOS

The Hustlers actress revealed that she recently got her diagnosis for PCOS after years of failed medical treatments. Keke has struggled with her acne for several years and has done almost everything to clear it. 

The True Jackson VP star recounts the many times she’s been on intense acne treatments as a result. Keke explains that she tried everything from lifestyle and dietary changes to medicines and still had no relief. 

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“My acne has been so bad that people in my field offered to pay for me to get it fixed. I tried EVERYTHING.”

Says Keke Palmer

The renowned actress revealed that her many doctor’s visits always resulted in inconclusive diagnoses. After years of struggling, the star presented that she finally got answers only after doing her research.  

How Her Struggle Exposes Bias In The Medical Field

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Keke’s journey to finding out her PCOS diagnosis rings way too familiar for most black women. Unfortunately, women of color are more likely to experience health and medical inequality than others. 

The actress highlights the neglect that black women face from medical practitioners in her latest post. She even shares a terrible instance where a doctor gave her a measles vaccine to treat her acne. 

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Although Keke discourages her fans from diagnosing themselves, she encourages them to do additional research. She notes that black people, especially women, only have themselves to trust in these cases of neglect.

Studies show that black women are much more likely to die at a hospital, even in 2020. Systemic racism allows medical atrocities against black women, and Keke’s post sheds light on this issue that needs to change for the better.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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