Let's Decorate: Update An Old Kitchen

Feb 20, 2020
05:32 P.M.
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From Instagram to Pinterest, design ideas constantly tempt us to redecorate our houses. But while the temptation will have you lusting over a state-of-the-art kitchen fitted with a range of stunning but way out of budget appliances it is definitely not a viable option for most of us.


To satisfy the need to restyle and redecorate, a good idea is to stick to areas that can be upgraded within budget. A kitchen doesn't need fancy new appliances to get a fresh look. Try one of these tips to spice up your kitchen.

Cheese Board Display


Wood and marble cutting and serving boards are eye-catching, trendy and make gorgeous feature pieces when they aren't being used. Best of all they are easy to find in stores and usually at reasonable prices plus you might already have one or two in your kitchen. Simply pick the prettiest ones and layer them in an adorable display against the wall. Layering them adds architectural interest to the countertop. Alternatively, you could hang them against a monochromatic backsplash for a modern twist.

Open Shelves


The latest trend in kitchen design is open shelving. Ditching doors and closed cabinets gives kitchens a lighter, brighter visual space. Instead of removing the upper cabinets, try adding some floating shelves as wall decor on an open wall. These are easy to install, take up minimal space and look stunning when color-coordinated.

Another option would be to take off the doors from one or two kitchen cabinets and paint the back of the cabinet. If you want to spend a little more, add battery-powered LED under-cabinet lighting to highlight the items you display on the shelves.

Matte Black & Earth Tones


Another super trendy look that is making a comeback is earthy materials like terra cotta paired with dark matte black. The sharp contrast of the two bold colors is eye-catching and adds a touch of drama to a kitchen.

Bring In Patterns


Patterns do not need to be limited to a backsplash. Add fun and funky accessories in similar color schemes to add a modern twist to your kitchen. Geometric and bright patterns are definitely making a massive comeback.

Colorful Accessories Against an All-White Background

All-white kitchens might be bright but they can also be boring. Break the monotony with a splash of color. Opt or bold colors that will add to the bright upbeat nature of your kitchen. Play with the color of your cabinets or add colorful vases or dishes to accessorise your kitchen.

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