Lil Yachty Releases Nail Polish Line

May 20, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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We live in a time when anybody can be anything. You don’t have to live your life as the gender you were born if it doesn’t match how you feel inside, and if a man wants to wear a dress and heels, it is celebrated rather than frowned upon.


With the world moving slowly towards being refreshingly accepting and tolerant of people from all walks of life, more opportunities are cropping up for many people. Naturally, celebs tend to corner the market before anybody else, though.

Famous rapper Lil Yachty has done just that and released a genderless nail polish line for everybody to enjoy.

Yachty & Nail Polish


While for those that do not know Lil Yachty’s history with nail polish, this launch may have come as something of a surprise, those who remember that Lil Yachty has been an advocate for nail polish for a long time now will know that this was the logical next step for him to take.

Last year, an openly gay male student in Texas was suspended from school because he was wearing nail polish. Lil Yachty quickly came to the boy’s defense after the boy revealed that he used nail polish as a way to express himself. Lil Yachty spoke to ‘TMZ’ saying that we shouldn’t have barriers against anything that is not harming anybody else.


It is admirable that the rapper would go out of his way to defend the teen, especially since rappers have a reputation of being 'hard' and not caring very much about other people. It is clear that Yachty is using his voice to make a difference in the world.



Following the suspension debacle, Lil Yachty has been seen wearing nail polish on odd occasions while showing off his incredible fashion sense. It is safe to say that the rapper is the fashionista of the rap industry.

However, Lil Yachty has now taken it a step further and released his nail polish line called ‘Crete’. The packaging is flawless, and the slogan that Lil Yachty paired with the announcement photos, “For you, not them,” is the perfect way to show that he still advocates for every person being able to express themselves however they would like, as long as it is not harming anybody else.


Since announcing the nail polish line, Yachty has gone quiet about it on his social media and is back to simply posting photographs of him during his daily life. However, there are definitely fans and beauty gurus from all walks of life keeping their eyes peeled for the official launch.

There will undoubtedly be an excellent response when the nail polish line is finally released and many people will be sporting the neutral colors on their fingertips while they wait for some more vibrant colors to hit the markets. We know we will!

The line is set to launch on the 24th of May, and from the announcement photos, it seems that the first few colors in the line will be neutrals. However, we hope to see the line grow and produce more colors in the near future.