Luxury & Designer Face Masks Every Fashionista Needs To Complement Their Outfits

Protect yourself and your loved ones from coronavirus, but make it fashion. There are no limits to what fashion can do to hideous accessories. 

Face masks and shields are proven to be an excellent preventative measure for contracting coronavirus. The issue is, these face covers are not very attractive and can often mess up a perfect outfit. 

Fashion never runs out of solutions for its lovers and consumers. Stylish takes on the average face masks make their mark as they become readily available for consumers worldwide. Here are a few luxury and designer face masks that you will be proud to wear as a protective accessory. 

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton

Price: $961

Louis Vuitton will launch a monogram face shield in October for almost $1000. The guard is a clear visor that extends across the face to protect people from contact with the coronavirus. 

The face shield is not cheap, but it does look chic as expected from a luxury giant such as Louis Vuitton. Save all of your coins for the much-anticipated release to stun your street style looks in this item. 

Collina Strada 

Price: $100

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#LIVEYOURLOOK RIGHT NOW WITH COLLINA STRADA + MILK MAKEUP Photography: Chad Moore Models: Sara Hiromi and Sasha Melnychuk using Milk Makeup  Story: Emily Gaynor “Live Your Look” is not just about how you create your look; it’s what you do in it that matters. At Milk Makeup, they’re launching a series to show how #LiveYourLook looks right now in our new reality. We’re partnering with milk to make 1,000 masks for The Center, an LGBTQ+ community and programming space in downtown NYC. They’ve been closely collaborating with The Center for over 3 years, and the beautiful vital space has unfortunately had to temporarily close due to COVID-19. These masks will go to the people The Center serves. Creativity often thrives in periods of adversity, fueling new, dynamic ways of thinking. Because masks have suddenly become part of everyday life, self-expression will inevitably look different than it did before. Hillary’s friends: models Sara Hiromi and Sasha Melnychuk and photographer Chad Moore shot this story in their quarantine orbit. Together at the apartment Sasha and Chad share, the three of them took some time to seek beauty and make art out of their current circumstances, while social distancing of course. Masks still leave room for making a statement, closed spaces challenge new ways of creating, and friendship networks are more crucial than ever. See how Hillary, Sara, Sasha, and Chad are using their time to build up and give back. Wear masks, stay safe, and let’s move forward as a community together. Show us how you #LiveYourLook right now.

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Collina Strada makes their face masks from dead stock. The mask’s fun design makes it perfect to wear with a fun ensemble for a day out after a cute brunch or even an evening occasion. 

The intricate bow design cover is best sterilized by washing with hot water and laying it out in the sun. Collina Strada has also committed to donating three masks to Seeding Sovereignty for every purchase. 

Roopa Pemmaraju

Price: $120

This luxury slow fashion brand offers hand-embroidered face masks that are so beautiful and delicate. These masks are suitable for special occasions and formal events with ease. 

The masks are available in different colors and sizes and are safe to hand wash in cold water and soap. The reusable cover also has an opening in which you can insert an appropriate filter. 


Price: $100 

The Akris cotton face mask is available in four different colors and has adjustable bands for comfort. The minimalist, sleek design of these masks make them great for stylish, everyday use. 

X Suit

Price: $119

X Suit has a selection of different styles available for their masks, and they are all edgy and chic. The gender-neutral designs are great for elevating a casual look and have many additional features. A single mask features interchangeable filters, removable valves, and adjustable straps. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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