Miley Cyrus Celebrates Hannah Montana's 15th Anniversary By Penning A Letter To Her Character

Mar 29, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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Oh, boy. Get your tissues ready because if you grew up watching Disney Channel, things are about to get emotional. “Hannah Montana” was a huge part of childhood for many of us. We watched more episodes than we could ever count, and we knew all the songs.


Reciting the scripts of our favorite episodes line by line is probably something we could still do if we’re honest. Knowing that we had Hannah to come home to after a long day of school made math class more bearable, and watching Miley and Jackson argue on a Saturday morning while we ate our cereal was a tradition.

That’s why Miley Cyrus penning this heartfelt letter to Hannah on the show’s anniversary is an emotional read for many of us.



Miley Cyrus has not had it easy since “Hannah Montana” ended. She has been in the news for many controversies and has gone through many public breakdowns. She has had a self-destructive behavior pattern and is finally beginning to come out the other side of a whirlwind.

Every “Hannah Montana” fan has watched Miley go through these ups and downs, all the while rooting for her because she was such a big part of their childhoods. There are so many people who only want to see Miley win.


There is an entire generation of Miley fans who have been following her journey, supporting her through every struggle she has faced, and reminisced on the time that she would slip a blonde wig on and call herself Hannah.



March 24th, 2006 was when the pilot episode of “Hannah Montana” aired on Disney Channel. It was met with much excitement and anticipation from the cast and their audience alike. It became an instant hit, and Hannah Montana became a household name.

The show ran for five years and finally wrapped up on 16th January 2011. The cast went their separate ways, and all had their own lives and careers develop after the show. Miley went on to bigger and better things, and all the audience was left with were reruns.


On the 15th anniversary of the show, though, Miley Cyrus wrote a beautiful letter to Hannah Montana on custom “Hannah Montana” stationery, detailing how much the show and Hannah meant to her. It is a heartfelt letter that will have any Hannah fan tearing up.