Morning Routines To Have A Good Day

Morning routines sound great on paper. They seem like a good idea. You might even make one so you can finally stop procrastinating forever. And fairytales aren’t real. You’re not going to do this.

Finding a morning routine is beneficial on so many levels, but can you learn to create and execute one for a productive day ahead? The answer is yes. However, it would be best if you first got rid of the guilt of not following through. Consider that you are struggling to keep to a specific routine mostly because it doesn’t work for you.

Some people wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and others simply stay in and journal. Another set of people make lists and set schedules. Therefore, however, you decide to execute your morning routine, let it be what works uniquely in your favor. If you’re wondering where to start, let’s have a look below at some morning routines you can try out to have an exciting day.

Start With The Hardest Task

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Studies have shown that your willpower throughout the day depletes. Thus, think back to how you might consider leaving the most challenging thing for last and how that extends to another missed deadline.

Our self-control limits us. It depletes throughout the day. Therefore it makes sense to start your morning out strong. As a result of getting rid of this challenging task, you will gain more focus, will, and determination to accomplish the task throughout the day. Success!

Make a List

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From Benjamin Franklin to Mark Twain, making a list seems to be a routine that successful people fall into time and time again. It’s not hard to see why. If you find your sleep quality riddled with worry about what you forgot or what you are to accomplish the next day, it’s time to sit down and begin making a list.

You can list it down as you wish. Perhaps starting with three major things you must accomplish that day, or you can decide to list out everything. Although this is an article about a morning routine, making these lists at night will make you sleep worry-free and begin the following day with an action plan.

Read For Mind Food

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Before you check your phone, how about grounding yourself with a good book. Only ten minutes of reading something that feeds your mind, inspires, entertains, or informs you, can set you off on the right foot for the day.

Connect To Your Emotional Self

What makes you feel good? Connecting to this feeling has immeasurable benefits, such as improved mental health, richer relationships, better sleep, etc. One of the best things way to do this, as you might have guessed, is through the relationships you have with those you love or with yourself.

Before you jump out of your bed, you can journal your thought, focusing on expressing gratitude for just one thing that day or for several things. If you have children before you begin by waking them up, kiss their foreheads or hug them. Same if you also have fur babies. If your family is far away, you can call them on your commute to work or reach out to your friends as well. The result: an energy boost that is hard to burst.

Get Moving, Baby

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Anna Wintour starts her day at 5:45 AM with an hour-long tennis match. P.G. Wodehouse always made sure to do his daily calisthenics at 7.30 AM. Do you see where we’re going with this? No matter your schedule, strive to get your physical well-being in order.

Even if it’s just stretching because, surprise, surprise, not everyone is a morning workout person, it super healthy to get your blood flowing. Try out biking, walking, cardio, or even yoga. Whatever you choose, make sure you like it enough to stick to it. 

Nail Your ‘Getting Ready’ Order

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Sometimes you’ll start your day with a cup of tea; sometimes, you go without. Occasionally you read, sometimes your doom scrolling on Twitter until you realize the bus or your preferred commute will leave you 30 minutes late from starting your work. Put simply, your’ getting ready’ order in the morning order is all out of whack.

Put of decision fatigue by nailing the order of your morning pre. If you can stick to workout shower, skincare, breakfast and leave, or whatever order suits you. Being on autopilot with these micro-decisions will set you up for a timed start to your day.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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