New Skincare Brand 'Soft Services' Aims To Assist With Keratosis Pilaris

May 26, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Body acne is an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing ailment to deal with. Trying to control the bumps and conceal them from the world can be a tiresome task that many people suffer from.


There are not many products on the market that can target body acne quickly and effectively, but when there is one, all we want to do is get our hands on it to try to rectify the damage that body acne has done.

Now, there is a product on the market that does just that! Meet Soft Services, the new skincare brand that targets body acne.

Soft Services


Two ex-Glossier employees recently realized that facial skin care became so popular that every person seemed to have a five to seven-step skincare routine, but their bodies were being neglected.

Your body skin is just as important as your facial skin and should be treated as such. Body acne and keratosis pilaris are such common ailments because people do not take care of their body skin in the same way that they do their facial skin.




Once you see a breakout on your face or notice that your acne might be flaring up again, the first thing that you probably do is to start taking better care of your skin. It is a good idea, but you should take the same care of your body's skin.

Knowing what your body’s skin needs is an important step to knowing how to take care of it. Assess your skin’s needs and decide what ailment you would like to target, such as dry skin or keratosis pilaris.


If you decide that your body’s skin needs products that will target KP and body acne, then grab yourself some of the products from Soft Services.

The Products


The brand has launched with only three products. Each of the products will target body acne and keratosis pilaris in their own unique way. It is like creating a skincare routine, but for your body.

The fact that it is only three steps and one of the three steps is a buffing bar that you use to wash your body, making the routine easy and accessible to everybody, even those who do not have a facial skincare routine.

While there are only three products, for the time being, we do not doubt that the range will increase, and the products will continue to impress us with their efficacy and versatility. Keep your eye on the Instagram page for updates.

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