Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets That Are Worth Trying

Classic Hollywood stars were renown for their effortless beauty, talent, and charisma. Their chic appearances took immense effort and extreme measures to maintain. The now-legendary actresses were extremely dedicated to their work and had many beauty secrets that they held close to their chests.

From Marilyn Monroe’s excessive lip routine to Fannie Ward’s anti-aging secret, there are many old Hollywood beauty hacks that have come to light in recent years. These brilliant, though sometimes dangerous, hacks have contributed to beauty as we know it today.

1. Audrey Hepburn & The Safety Pin Trick

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Audrey Hepburn was most well-known for her signature doe-eyed look. The stunning actress proved her bravery trying to achieve the look. According to reports, her perfect lashes were a result of the actress using a safety pin to separate each lash.

Her legendary makeup artist Alberto de Rossi created the perfect eye look for her. The dramatic yet natural look involved him applying mascara before painstakingly separating each of her lashes with a safety pin.

2. Sophia Loren’s Undying Love For Oil

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The beautiful Sophia Loren is of Italian and French descent. Her cultural background influenced her dietary and beauty decisions thus the actress followed a strict Mediterranean diet.

Her dietary needs also ensured she always had a bottle of olive oil on hand. It is reported that she would use the oil for much more than seasoning her food. The star is said to have used the oil in her bath water to keep her skin radiant and smooth.

3. Elizabeth Taylor’s Fresh Shave

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Elizabeth Taylor was a naturally stunning actress. However, she was born with a condition that caused a thin layer of peach fuzz to grow across her face.

To combat the problem and ensure her skin was always perfectly smooth skin she would regularly shave her face. Similar to modern-day dermabrasion, this would also exfoliate the skin and even Marilyn Monroe swore it worked wonders for her skin. 

4. Marilyn Monroe’s Perfect Pout

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Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe was renowned for her eye-catching figure and perfect pout. In fact, her lips were specifically sculpted to always look pouty and luscious.

Marilyn came up with a very intricate method of layering lipsticks to perfect her look. Her makeup artist was reportedly instructed to apply five different shades of lipstick and gloss to create dimension with the darker reds placed on the outside and lighter colors towards the center of the lips.

5. Fannie Ward Upside Down

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Best known for her “unfading youth,” Fannie Ward was determined to stay youthful for as long as possible. To do so, she would hang upside down for half an hour every day.

“The strange posture causes blood to pour generously through the skin to which it has been more or less a stranger. The wasting tissues of the face receive their needed blood bath, a very frehset that nourishes and revivifies. This practice will freshen the most faded complexion.”

Explained an article in Harper’s Bazaar.

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