Our Pick: 10 St Patrick's Day Dessert Ideas Worth Trying

Mar 09, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you have a big party planned or you plan on staying home all night watching Netflix, you’ll need some desserts to see you through the celebration.


There are the usual corny green cupcakes and rolos disguised as pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there are also some charming and original ways to make St. Patrick’s Day desserts.

We have compiled a list of some cool and unique takes on St. Patrick’s Day treats for you to try out.

Rainbow Jello Cups


These jello cups are fun and cute while remaining delicious. Rainbows are significant for St. Patrick’s Day as they symbolize luck and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You could even add gold sprinkles to the whipped cream.

To make these a more adult-friendly beverage, you could make this recipe out of alcoholic jello shots. This puts a mature twist on the dessert and is in keeping with the tradition of drinking on St. Patrick’s Day.

Matcha Macarons


Ahh, matcha. The powder of the stars and fitness gurus. Matcha is incredibly good for you and is said to have cancer-fighting properties. That means that these matcha macarons are not only delicious, but they have an element of health in them.

These are a great St. Patrick’s Day treat because of their green and white color scheme, which will have you feeling like you have a leprechaun running around the house on the day.

Pot Of Gold Cake Pops


Grab yourself a chocolate-covered cake pop, grab some gold sprinkles and a rainbow-colored candy belt, and this dessert is all set to be everyone’s favorite dessert.

All you have to do is add the gold sprinkles and a piece of the rainbow belt to the top of your cake pops, and it will look like you have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—a fun way to celebrate the day that everybody will love.

Cookie Bars


A lovely twist on the traditional cookie, this cookie bar has all the elements of a cookie with all the fun of St. Patrick’s Day.

All you need to do to make these bars into an even more St. Patrick’s day themed dessert is add a dash of green food coloring to your batter. This will have your cookie bar come out a fun green color that will match the M&M’s beautifully.

Key Lime Pie Pudding Shots


Key lime pie, alcohol, and a cookie crumb finish. There’s nothing more you could ask for in a St. Patrick’s Day dessert.

You could serve these with gold sprinkles and a rainbow candy belt, too. This will make them even more fitted to the theme of the day. These are perfect for a more mature audience at your dinner party.

Green Oreo Dessert


The only thing better than an oreo is a mint oreo mixed with vanilla pudding and whipped cream. These are a similar dessert to the Key Lime Pie Pudding Shots, but they don’t have any alcohol in them.

These are an excellent addition to the Key Lime Pie Pudding Shots if you would like to have an option for the adults and the children.

St. Patrick’s Day Strawberries


We all love an excellent chocolate-covered strawberry, but these are perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Using white chocolate instead of traditional milk or dark chocolate makes the green swirls stand out beautifully.

All you need is some white chocolate, green food coloring, and gold sugar flakes. Adding all three elements on top of the strawberry makes for an explosion of color and the perfect treat to celebrate with.

Airfryer Rainbows


These are a healthier alternative to frying donuts in oil but still taste just as delicious. A fun mix between donuts and cookies, they make for a great tasty treat.

To make them fit the theme of the day better, you can add a food coloring rainbow to them. If you want to add clouds to the end of the rainbows, you can pipe some on with white frosting on each end.

Lucky Charm Treats


Your favorite Rice Krispie Treat has had a St. Patrick’s Day makeover. Presenting Lucky Charm Treats, the leprechaun’s choice of dessert.

These are a fun alternative to Rice Krispie Treats in that they’re filled with Lucky Charm cereal, which is perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It’s like there’s a pot of gold in the middle of every treat.

Dipped Mint Oreos


The lazy girl’s guide to St. Patrick’s Day baking. These are so simple and easy to do that you could make them five minutes before the guests arrive for the party or five minutes before you sit down to watch a movie marathon.

All you need to do is add a little green food coloring to white chocolate and dip your Oreos into it to make an easy St. Patrick’s Day treat.