Our Pick: The 5 Best Plants To Spruce Up Your Home

House plants are the best way to bring nature into our homes and provide the right pop of color. Besides, they are structurally exciting and require minimal effort to maintain. Did we also mention they have a longer lifespan than freshly cut flowers?

From looking and interacting with plants in your home, studies reveal they can reduce stress. Beautiful to look at indoor plants also pose as air purifiers, absorbing chemicals in the air and improving the house’s overall air quality.

When purchasing indoor plants, consider your interior to ensure it matches the space. Don’t be afraid to bundle the plants, moving them from window to window tor even using them as a table centerpiece. Spruce up your home with these five best indoor plants.

Snake Plant

Sometimes referred to as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, this indoor plant creates a lovely balance between order and chaos. Pretty durable, this low-maintenance houseplant is difficult to destroy as it required breaks between watering to allow the soil to dry completely.

The plant filters formaldehyde, a chemical typically found in cleaning agents. Since the snake plant releases oxygen at night, it is best to place it near the bedroom or, even better, the bathroom where it thrives best with humidity.

Staghorn Fern

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

The  Staghorn fern can grow on other plants or plants without destroying them. The slender leaves create a way for the antler-like leaves much like its “staghorn” name. It is, therefore, an excellent indoor plant that requires low maintenance with weekly watering.

Don’t be afraid to bundle the fern as it requires a solid foundation like moss or bark. For an aesthetic appeal, place the fern in a wicker basket with an iron base and hang it in the bathroom or other low-light areas in your house. 

Peace Lily


The peace lily has large leaves with white flowers making it a beautiful plant to display around the house. Acting like a humidifier, the leaves and the roots of the peace lily take in a large amount of water and circulate it back into the air. 

This delicate plant, therefore, requires little more maintenance by misting the leaves every few days. The plant blooms with bright light; just ensure it is not too harsh to ruin the plant. It will therefore be best to place the plant in the living room or bedroom. 

Peruvian Apple Cactus


The Peruvian Apple Cactus structure is a great indoor plant as it makes an extensive statement due to its architectural body and sound design. Requiring low maintenance, the plant brings the feeling of the desert into your home. 

The cactus is best placed in well-lit areas away from direct sunlight. The plant naturally grows to lean towards the sun. Therefore, ensure to rotate the plant occasionally to balance it out and water it once every month.

Fiddle Leaf


The fiddle leaf has a classic design boasting long branches and stems with broad leaves. Controlling humidity, this beautiful indoor plant is potent at purifying the air in the house or even in the office. 

The fiddle leaf needs sufficient natural light to thrive, so it’s best placed in a bright sunny room by the window or under the skylight. Maintain the tree by trimming the branches at the top when it grows past the window frame and water once a week.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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