Our Pick: The Top 10 Disney Movies Of All Time

We have all had those inner child moments when all we want to do is cuddle up on the sofa and watch movies and series from our childhood and pretend that we’re not adults. 

There are too many movies to choose from, though, and picking your favorites can leave you flicking through all the Disney movies you can find until it’s midnight, and it’s time for you to go to bed without having watched any movies. 

We’ve chosen the top 10 best Disney movies of all time, so grab your pajamas and some popcorn because here is a list of all the Disney movies you can watch tonight. 


Dumbo, poster, US poster art, the elephant, 1941. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Disney’s first movie that featured an animal, “Dumbo”, was a part of all of our childhoods. Whether you watched the first edition or the latest edition, “Dumbo” is a beautiful story of acceptance and self-image. 

We love that this movie deals with being rejected and then finding those who will love and accept you just as you are and the self-confidence that comes with realizing that you’re unique. 


Bambi, poster, top: Friend Owl, bottom l-r: Flower, , Thumper on poster art, 1942. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

You’ll need to keep the tissues nearby for this one as it is a story of struggle as well as beauty. You may not remember all of the lessons that Bambi instilled in you while growing up, but there are many. 

This story follows the lives of three similarly aged forest animals from different species. They must all grow alongside each other and experience the struggles that they all face, and figure out how to exist together despite their differences. 

“The Little Mermaid”

“The Little Mermaid” is a classic movie that shows what one will do for love. Watching Ariel give her voice up just to be with Eric seemed bizarre to us as children, but then we grew up and realized what we would do for love. 

The movie taught women from a young age that giving up the thing that makes you unique for a man is not worth it and that if a man truly loves you, he will make sacrifices too. 

“Alice In Wonderland”

As children, “Alice In Wonderland” was a world of excitement and color. The many different creatures and patterns were intriguing and fun to watch. It did subconsciously treat us some outstanding life lessons, though. 

“Alice In Wonderland” taught us that sometimes you have to take risks to discover who you are. It also taught us to see and accept the differences in others and understand their unique perspectives. 

“The Aristocats”

Getty Images

“The Aristocats” was fun and child-friendly commentary on classism, sexism, and deviance, which taught us many lessons while remaining upbeat and exciting for children to watch. 

“The Aristocats” taught us that money does not solve any problems. In fact, it may cause some issues. It also taught us that women are strong and can be independent without a man to guide them. 

“The Princess And The Frog”

Disney’s first woman of color princess was a hit before it was even released. The fact that young women of color would see themselves as princesses made the movie success from the word “go.” 

This movie’s central message is that a prince’s true love will bring out his real personality and higher nature. The film also expresses the age-old saying that you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince. 

“Mary Poppins”

Mary Poppins, poster, US poster, 1964. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Any child who watched “Mary Poppins” spent a lot of their time wondering how she pulled that floor lamp out of her overnight bag and wishing they had an umbrella that could make them fly. 

A charming movie indeed, “Mary Poppins” taught us that a positive mindset would carry you through life. Mary Poppins taught us that no matter the situation, there is always something good that can be taken from it. 

101 Dalmatians 

101 Dalmatians, poster, (aka ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS), US reissue poster art, 1961. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

“101 Dalmations” was charming and scary at the same time for most children. We loved the fact that our screens were filled with adorable puppies but got goosebumps every time Cruella De Ville was on the screen. 

This is the first movie that taught us to think of other species. The main message in “101 Dalmations” is that animals need us to speak for them because they can’t speak for themselves and to never exploit or hurt animals in any way. 


Magic carpets, genies, and beautifully dressed princesses make for a winning combination in this Disney film. However, that’s not what this movie was focused on. It was more focused on teaching children a lesson. 

The moral of “Aladdin” is that in the long term, being dishonest does far more harm than it does good. This is a valuable lesson to learn at a young age that can carry a child through life. 


“Moana” came out only a few years ago, but adults and children alike flocked to cinemas to watch this exquisite film. A beautiful story set in a beautiful place that taught us many valuable lessons. 

This film taught us that you need to take risks to be who you want to be, you shouldn’t worry too much about what other people think of you, and that you should act brave even if you’re scared to death.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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