Our Pick: The Top 5 Horoscope Apps Worth Downloading

Jun 04, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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Within just a few seconds, you can check your horoscope without having to resort to glossy magazines or Google research.


It’s time to stop blaming Mercury retrograde for everything and read your horoscope every morning to try and find why such and such is happening. Astrology is now downloadable (mostly for free), and it may give you some clarity with some life decisions you’ve got to make.

That said, we’ve rounded up the five best horoscope apps so that you can learn a bit more about your sign than just the horoscope of the day.

Nebula Horoscope


Nebula offers an easy and pretty interface with cute avatars for each sign with funny memes and mini-stories about the zodiac signs in their Instagram account. You get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes and compatibility reports.

For those looking for an in-depth astrology experience, sign up for the premium version and get all the information you can get for your sign.

Astrology Zone


Founder by one of the most famous names in astrology, Susan Miller, offers daily reading for all the 12 signs and monthly horoscope, the same way it’s available on the Astrology Zone website. The premium version gives access to stress management tools and how to attract your cosmic mate.



Like Nebula’s Instagram, the Co-Star IG page is filled with funny quotes and memes about the 12 signs. In their app, you’ll see a fancy black and white design, an easy-to-use interface containing precise information, such as the planets’ alignment at the time you were born, and a personality analysis with your weaknesses and strengths.



Just like their Instagram, expect lots of GIFs, emojis, and jokes along the way, don’t take them too seriously, as they don’t take themselves either.

But do expect to get very specific details and answers on your day-to-day matters. The premium version offers, among other things, a live reading per month with an astrologer.

The Pattern


Mainly focused on relationships, The Pattern is also used as a social media platform. You can connect with your friends and see how astrology interacts within their relationships.

You can also run relationship analysis for people not in the app, too, by entering information about a friend, crush, romantic partner, or potential business associate.