Our Pick: Top 7 Weighted Jump Ropes To Try

May 04, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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Do you wish to level up your fitness routine? Try to add weighted jump ropes into your workout to burn some extra calories and build strength.


Weighted jump roses can bring the extra challenge to your workout routine in case you've hit a plateau. As opposed to regular jumping roses, weighted ropes are a bit heavier to turn, forcing your arms and forearms to work on the added weight.

The latest fitness trend provides a low-impact, high-intensity, and it will lead you to break a sweat. We brought you seven options to chose from.

Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope


Price: $16.99

This Everlast weighted jump rose comes with removable weights and allows you to change them as you wish. You can add up to 1.5 pounds with adjustable handle weights. Customers say the handles are comfy, and it gives a good grip during workouts.

Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set


Price: $88

Crossrope offers an exclusive fast clip system that allows you to quickly change the weights on the rope and alter the intensity of your workout without losing much time during your routine.

The ropes come with a free app that includes a number of guided workouts that you can do from home. It also features activity tracking with the option to sync to Google Fit + Apple Health.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Price: $18


Need for speed? This jump rose isn't only fast but also stable, reducing your workout time (or if you're into Crossfit, WOD time). The sturdy handles and the four-bearing connection help to keep the rope stable while you level up your speed and endurance.

Dope Ropes Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0


Price: $43

Thick 1.3-pound jump rope (circa 500g) for those who are looking for dope ropes and for quick cardio workouts. This rope promises a quick fat burn and solid forearms and shoulders. The newly upgraded handles include dual-ball bearings for a smoother spin.⁣

Hyperwear Hyper Rope


The Hyper Rope brings your fitness studio to your home. This rope is definitely for pros, and all you need is just extra space. The good news is that you don't need an anchor point to attach it, so you can take them everywhere you wish to exercise.

Rogue Fitness Heavy Jump Ropes


Price: $50

Use these ropes as a warm-up before your workout routine or to build shoulder endurance. The rope features an extra-thick 8mm diameter cable in length options of 9' or 10' and a pair of comfy polymer handles. The ropes are non-adjustable, so choose the best length option for you.

RXSG Zeus Jump Ropes


Price: $55

The Zeus weighted jump rope holds a 5-star review on their website, making them a great addition to your fitness routine. With 1/2 pound weight per 9ft section, they were developed to add intensity to your training without altering the jumper's technique or mechanics.