Our Pick: What Should Be In Your Work-At-Home Starter Pack

Mar 20, 2021
08:00 A.M.
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Your home might not be the ideal place for an office space but being forced to turn it into one is kind of difficult. Here are some tips for creating the perfect Home Office


After the pandemic struck, we were forced to turn our homes into offices, and if your home isn't an ideal space for an office, you might have found it challenging to get work done. It might be distracting the aka your new coworkers, or it could be the fact that you're working in the space you love to sleep or relax in.

If you are looking for things to transform your office space into a productive and comfortable work environment, Amazon is the perfect place to shop! These Amazon finds are great because you can get them delivered straight to your door in a matter of days, so your office transformation won’t take as long as a pesky home improvement project.

A Comfortable Place To Work


Choosing the correct chair is crucial because you need support so that you don't end up with back pains that distract you from working. There is nothing worse than feeling like you need to see the chiropractor every week.

A swivel chair that can roll around your entire house if you feel like you don't ever want to leave your seat is perfect. This luxury office chair is just $174.99, and it comes with armrests, a footrest, and an ideal recline that lets you take much-needed naps, especially if you work late burning the midnight oil!

Blue Light Protection


Your eyes are a precious part of your body; you use them to see every day, and you wouldn't want to lose your vision just because you spent endless hours during the pandemic working on a laptop without protection. Yes, even if you have 20/20 vision, your eyes still need protection while working behind digital screens.

Devices like your laptops and cell phones emit blue light that affects your melatonin levels, which is responsible for making you sleepy, causes eye strain and decreases your vision’s clarity. So we're doing blue light glasses that can increase your chances of falling asleep at night and keeping your 20/20 vision! But they don't have to be boring; you can find a pack of 4 blue light glasses on Amazon for $10.95!

A Tea Or Coffee Maker


Depending on your preference, you might want to get a specialized tea or coffee maker to create luxury lattes or frappes. These machines will take out the Middleman, and instead of running to coffee shops to get your caffeine fix, you can make them at your leisure without having to put on pants.

Not to mention the amount of money you might save just by making your beverages at home. Although the Ninja hot and cold brew system, capable of making tea and coffee drinks, is a bit high, you can buy it on Amazon for $199.99.

Wireless Keyboard And Mouse


Working at home, you can spend all day on a laptop; your hands and arms might get sore from typing on an uncomfortable keyboard and using the inconvenient built-in touchpad. The design on your laptop is not an ideal setup for comfort, so you might want a little extra help with the inconvenience.

A wireless mouse and keyboard can help you work on your laptop device even if you're not sitting right up close to your laptop. If you wish to connect a laptop to an external projecting device like your TV, you can work from the comfort of your couch. You can find an aesthetically pleasing combo on Amazon for $29.99

Soundproofing strips


While your house has become an office space for multiple companies, conducting numerous meetings without background interference can be difficult. If your family is loud, if you just don't want people listening in on your meetings or wish to blast music without neighbors complaining, then soundproofing strips are perfect for you.

These help keep the sound from entering or leaving the room and can easily be installed on all doors. These soundproofing strips also regulate the room temperature so that you can save on the heating bill! You can find this quick fix on Amazon for $8.99

Ergonomic Laptop Stand


Working on a laptop is an essential part of working from home; when you use your laptop, it will generate a lot of heat, so having it on something like a laptop stand will give it the space it needs to breathe, so it doesn’t overheat. It also keeps the laptop at eye level, which also helps you keep the correct posture, which means no back pain!

Keeping a laptop at a level on the stand means that accessing your keyboard and touchpad on the laptop is going to be difficult, which is why you have your nifty wireless mouse and keyboard to use. You can find an adjustable laptop stand on Amazon for $25.99