Our Picks: The Best Vegan Restaurants Around The World

May 03, 2021
09:00 A.M.
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When it comes to sitting down at the table and having a good meal, not everyone has the same tastes: different people, different needs. Veganism is a religion—one more reason to find out where the best vegan restaurants worldwide are located.


However, in recent years, clubs, restaurants, and pastry shops dedicated to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle have sprung up almost everywhere globally.

There are more and more places and restaurants aimed at vegan and vegetarian food. Besides, a ranking of some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants globally will be helpful.

1. Sol Semilla - Paris


At Sol Semilla, everything is organic and seasonal, homemade from the most local fruits and vegetables possible. The dishes are inspired by the superfoods that complement each of the recipes.

The plates are complete from a nutritional perspective and joyful and delicious thanks to vegetable creams in stunning colors and spices, flowers, and fresh herbs.

2. VG Pâtisserie


This establishment offers excellent quality pastries and pastries to please your taste buds. The almond croissant and the lemon meringue pie are delicious. But you also have a wide variety of pastries ranging from chocolate mousse duo or Bloody Cherry.

Everything is excellent, and there are many gluten-free options available. If you prefer savory, soups and quiches are also available. Let yourself be tempted by the broccoli and tofu quiche, which is ideal for filling up with vitamins and proteins.

3. Vedge - Philadelphia


The restaurant offers an exciting dining experience inspired by seasonal vegetables. Besides an intimate setting for inventive vegetable cooking, the bar also features natural wines, craft beers, and a creative cocktail list selected to compliment the dinner and dessert menus.

They have continuously made every effort to continue serving guests through various methods. They are also a pioneer of the modern plant-based dining experience to demonstrate the creativity and satisfaction of vegetable cuisine.

4. Modern Love - Brooklyn


The food at Modern Love is breathtaking! Their cheeseburger is made with cheese made from cashew nuts and mushroom bacon. Another exciting option for a good protein intake is the seitan waffle. The portions are very generous, and the plates are very well decorated.

The servers are at your service according to your preference and your diet. The prices are relatively high, but given the quantities served and the quality of the dishes, the restaurant is excellent value for money.

5. Blossom - New York


This restaurant has a beautiful room and a professional and delightful team. The flavors are delicious, and the quantities copious! If you are worried that you might not have enough food while eating vegan, Blossom will prove you wrong.

We recommend, in particular, the seitan escalope with lemon sauce, which will allow you to fill up on protein without consuming animal products. If you like desserts, the carrot cake is a must! The highlight is the terrace where you can enjoy yourself and have an unforgettable moment with your friends or relatives.

6. Dirt Candy - New York


This restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant with a significant vegan trend offering original and refined dishes. If their strong point is that they provide many different types of vegetables, their originality comes from the fact that they have different ways of cooking vegetables.

And so they make you try out each of their ways of preparing them! We recommend tasting the bread, original and succulent, as well as the fried Korean broccoli. Take several dishes if you are several and taste everything! The restaurant is very successful, which is why it is best to make reservations before going there.

7. East Side Burgers - Paris


The welcome is pleasant, and the value for money is good. The vegan cheese is breathtaking. The fries are homemade, and the bread is fresh and crisp.

If you don't usually like burgers, the establishment also offers vegan hot dogs, which are also very good. East Side Burgers is the vegan fast food in Paris you should not miss! Also, try the vegan cheesecake and the crunchy-peanut muffin: a real treat.

8. The Root Cafe - Arkansas


We have the impression that the Root Café is something very special. For the laid-back place that it is, the attention to the food is remarkable. The restaurant sources meat and eggs from within the state and does the same for most of its cheeses.

All the producers are named on their website with excellent specificity. The pickles are homemade, and so is the almond milk. The coffee is, of course, locally roasted. And while their traditional cookies are flaky and their beef is excellent, their most popular dishes are vegan.

9. Jah Jah - Paris


This restaurant/canteen offers many delicious vegan dishes. The service is quick, and the specialty is vegan cheddar, which replaces the classic cheese. The vegan hot dog, as well as the ginger juice, are among the house specialties.

Besides, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the produce is fresh. Also, the smoothies are also delicious and the opportunity to fill up on vitamins. Between small snacks, cauliflower wings brushed with a BBQ sauce, raw rolls, and peanut-coconut sauce, you will have a wide choice to diversify your desires.

10. Cat Bar - Barcelona


The Cat Bar, located in the El Born district, offers vegan burgers and craft beers. However, it looks more like a traditional brasserie, its walls are decorated with cat prints, and it exudes a bar punk spirit, more than a more avant-garde vegan restaurant.

The Cat Bar was the forerunner of vegan bars, and its menu includes burgers such as black bean, served with caramelized onions and eggplant, delicious potatoes, and good beers.