Our Picks: Top 10 Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Apr 05, 2021
04:00 A.M.
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If you’ve ever wished to crush your fitness goals, Instagram is the best place to start. Once you begin following the right people, your algorithm will be full of daily inspiration to get you on the mat. However, how do you know you are following the right fitness people on Instagram?


First, they do not constitute of people with naturally toned bodies that do not offer fitness advice. This is just going to get you envious instead of inspiring you to exercise. Fitness Instagram accounts constitute of people who use science-based evidence to help you achieve the best fitness results.

Furthermore, they may post free workouts, offer programs and even offer nutrition advice while busting fitness myths. They live and breathe fitness. Therefore, get some daily workout inspo from these ten top fitness Instagram accounts.

Tally Rye


If you have ever felt that exercise is a punishment, you should check out Tally Rye. She is a personal and group trainer that is anti-diet and weight inclusive. Rye is all about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without focusing on its physical aesthetics alone.

Sohee Lee


Sohee Lee is an all-rounder. Her page is a one-stop-shop for science-backed nutrition and training technique demonstration (hands up if you still have no idea how to breathe during a burpee). Thus, her super helpful tips will get you started on your journey.

Massy Arias


Massy Arias is one of the biggest names in fitness, and for a good reason. She is super fit for one, but she also is a big advocate for pushing through obstacles. Sometimes getting through a workout is too much, but Arias’ page inspires others to persevere, work hard and not focus on the aesthetics.

Kayla Itsines


The founder of BBG is not one you should skip. Itsines launched the Sweat App for you to follow along, including BBG Beginner and Post-pregnancy for all the mama’s out there looking to get stronger.

Moreover, she shares loads of before and after pictures of her fans’ progress. She also posts video samples of her workouts on her page. How is that for a fitness influencer? Itsines has us sold.

Hannah Davis


Hannah Davis s the queen of engagement. Davis uses her platform to post mini workout videos. The circuits differ but what makes Davis’ page stand out is that she poses a question to her followers about their hurdles and proceeds to answer them insightfully, giving tips to help you out.

Roz the Diva


Up next, we have Roz. Who says exercise is all bout kettlebells and resistance bands? Roz’s page will put a warm smile on your face with her positive content, pole exercise, and lifting, all with a bit of humor.

Stephanie Buttermore


We love a turnaround story, and Stephanie’s page is about that. Stephanie gained attention for her purposeful weight gain as she tried to fight her chronic hunger and fix her relationship with food. However, her page is also full of her science-backed workouts that have remained consistent.

Brittne Jackson


Brittne page is a fav for the Instagram algorithm for a good reason. She has excellent at-home workouts for those who are gym shy. More so, she also posts workouts for the gym rats among us. This page is fantastic for your daily fitness inspo.

Anna Victoria


Anna Victoria is the fitness inspiration you need. Her page includes some delicious healthy meals, gorgeous mirror selfies, and inspirational quotes. However, as the founder of The Fit Body Guide, she also posts her #fbggirls before and after her 12-week guide.

Nesrine Dally

Lastly, we’ve got Nesrine Dally. Her page is perfect for those who love to put in good exercise through lifting and Muay Thai. Moreover, she is a Nike trainer and loves to update her fans with workout ideas, her fitness journey, and how she impressively fits all this in her busy lifestyle.