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Our Ultimate Guide To Mirror Skin


August 06, 2021

K-beauty has truly taken over the world, and people worldwide are turning to K-beauty gurus to find out what their next steps are in the makeup and skincare games every day. It seems like there is a new trend hourly. 

You might remember a while ago when glass skin was all the rage, and everyone was trying to find out what K-beauty gurus were doing that was getting their skin so flawless and beautiful; well, there’s a new trend in town. 

We’re unpacking everything that there is to know about the new trend, mirror skin

What Is Mirror Skin

A while ago, there was a trend called glass skin going around. People were turning to K-beauty to get the seemingly flawless skin that many women had been able to achieve through using K-beauty products and skincare methods. 

As always, though trends don’t stick around for very long, and as quickly as we were introduced to glass skin, the trend died down and made way for a new trend to be born in its place. Thus, the evolution of glass skin is here. 

Mirror skin is the new trend on the block that is putting K-beauty in the limelight yet again. This trend involves getting your skin to be a shiny and reflective surface that serves to report how healthy your skin is. 

How To Achieve It 

K-beauty seems to have skincare down to fine art, and we wouldn’t want to mess with the science of it all, so we’ll just tell you exactly what to do so that everybody knows how to do it and nobody is confused. 

Mirror skin is actually quite simple in practice, even if the theory behind it might seem confusing. All the trend needs are for you to layer your hydrating skincare products onto your face in such a way that your skin becomes reflective, much like a mirror. 

You can use all the products that you already use and simply add more layers to them, as long as their textures are fairly thin. If the texture of the product is thicker, it is safer to stick to one layer. 

The Bottom Line


Mirror skin is simply an evolution of the glass skin trend in which you should be able to look into the mirror and see the reflection from the mirror on your own skin because of the amount of hydration on your face. 

This trend is not for everybody to try, and you should consult a professional before you decide to try a trend like this to make sure that it would be right for your skin.