Outdated Wedding Traditions That Many Are Willing To Ditch

Traditions. This word alone divides bridal couples into two camps: those who associate it with “good” classics and those who understand it to be “out of date.” This article is definitely on the side of the latter group. Because we demand: Stop the old customs!

Let’s be honest: Who would still want a Nokia 3210, a CRT TV, or shoulder pads today? Everything has its time, and that is a good thing. But shouldn’t some things be left in their decade? Why are we so modern and up to date, but sometimes get married like 50 years ago?

Please do not allow yourself to be restricted by outdated things or old traditions imposed on you by families. Instead, think about what you find remarkable and invent your very own custom.

Throwing Rice


People once believed that throwing rice would bring good luck to the new couple. But let’s be honest: Who wants to be pelted with it? The terrible idea of ​​getting one of these in your eye. You intuitively squint your eyes – which looks incredibly stupid in the photos.

Wear A Veil


This custom came about because people believed that demons or dark forces could take possession of the bride. With the veil in front of the face, one wanted to confuse them and prevent bad things. Nobody believes anymore today! So why not show the pretty and beautifully made-up face?

The Bride’s Family Pays

Photo by Soner Görkem on Pexels

Common in many countries: the bride’s family pays for the wedding. Why still today? Nobody knows exactly! We see it like this: Either you do 50:50, or the bride and groom pay for themselves – and can decide everything on their own. This fits a lot better into our century.

White Wedding Dress

Photo by photo-nic.co.uk nic on Unsplash

Does the bride have to wear white? Says who? Why not bring color into play and adapt the dress to the color motto, for example? Almost everything is possible – if it does not suit your taste, a dress can also be colored, or it can be tailor-made. Looks much cooler!

Something Old, Something new…


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a lucky sixpence in your shoe.” This old English rhyme gave birth to a tradition that some people still abide by. Translated, the old means that the bride still belongs to the family bond despite marriage. The new represents happiness in the latest phase of life.

Something borrowed should show that the bride can still count on her friends, and the blue stands for loyalty. These four lucky charms may be adorable – lovely to have. But let’s be honest, which modern woman has time for such nonsense – especially when family cohesion and friendship should be part of our fundamental values ​​anyway!?

Throwing The Bridal Bouquet

Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels

Ok, that can also be quite civil. But have you ever seen what happens when single women ABSOLUTELY want the bouquet? Some of them go over corpses! There is kicking, shoving, and the thing being torn from someone else’s hand.

Madness! But even if not, why do single women have to be so humiliated? Perhaps they don’t want everyone to see straight away: “Aha, not married!” Or they don’t value it.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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