Peloton Announces Adidas Collaboration

Mar 22, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Peloton announced last Thursday on their Instagram account a partnership with Adidas for a special apparel collection designed by Peloton’s top instructors: Cody Rigsby, Robin Arzon and Ally Love.


The at-home fitness company is getting ready for a big partnership. Adidas and Peloton will launch in a few days a new collection focusing on inclusivity for Peloton's diverse user base.

"It's kind of this perfect combination of the two brands coming together, I'm excited because it really is a reflection of the community that we've built at Peloton and the synergy that Adidas has within their own community — athletes, people who move, people who have goals, people who are working towards their best selves."

Rigsby, an instructor as well as Peloton's Cycling Director, tells PEOPLE.


The collection comes with 11 apparel pieces, including hoodies, tanks, leggings, shorts, and tees — which will be available on 03/25 — and it’s got inspiration from the 90’s style, with patterns, neo pinks and splatter prints, as well as black and navy pieces.

Both Adidas and Peloton want to make sure they’re serving their loyal fans, bringing a collection that ranges in sizes from XS to 2X, for both men and women.


“One of the things that's a priority for both companies and especially my fellow instructors is being able to cultivate community, knowing what it means to not only want to feel good functionally in workout apparel but also want to look good.”

Ally Love, a Peloton instructor and an Adidas ambassador, told to POPSUGAR

In addition to the clothing collection, the Adidas and Peloton partnership will host a live class to launch the collab and it will be offering a series of on-demand classes for Peloton users through the company's Bike, Bike+, and app.


Adidas' Creators Club will also offer exclusive content to celebrate the partnership and a raffle for members to win apparel from the new collection and styling session with either Rigsby or Love. How cool is that?

"I think the collection, it's built for people to take risks, I think there's space for people to get a little uncomfortable and jump outside the box of what they're used to."

Rigsby, an instructor as well as Peloton's Cycling Director

Do you want to know more about the partnership and the collection? Visit adidas.com/peloton.

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