People Are Appalled At A Wealthy Couple That Chartered A Jet To Skip The COVID-19 Vaccine Que

A wealthy Vancouver couple flew to Yukon, Canada, to attempt to get their hands on a dose of the vaccine intended for Indigenous people.

The wealthy are attempting to maneuver their way into getting the vaccine before time. Recently a couple from Vancouver chartered a jet to a remote community of Beaver Creek in Yukon, Canada.

According to “The Washington Post,” the community is small, with about one hundred residents, most of who are members of the White River First Nation. The news has caused outrage, with people calling the couple’s actions “despicable.”

Wealthy Couple Attempt To Skip The Vaccine Que

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When the couple arrived at local mobile clinic to receive the coronavirus vaccines, claiming to work at a nearby motel, locals became suspicious of the unfamilar couple.

Shortly thereafter, authorities in the area found that the couple were not who they claimed. The pair has been identifies as fifty-five year old Rod Baker, CEO of the Great Canadian Gaming Corp, and thirty-two year old wife Ekaterina reports the “BBC“.

People Are Appalled By The Couples Actions

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People are expressing their dismay at the lengths that the Bakers have gone to obtain the vaccine. In a statement to the “BBC,” the Great Canadian Gaming Corp (GCGC) says that they have since distanced themselves from Mr. Baker and he “is no longer affiliated in any way with the company.”

“I can’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard of such a despicable, disgusting sense of entitlement and lack of moral compass.”

Mike Farnworth, the British Columbia solicitor general said, reports the “The Wahington Post.”

Calls For Stiff Punishment

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To slap a reported millionaire with a small fine would be “essentially meaningless,” says the White River First Nation to “The Washington Post.

“It’s clear to me that because we are a predominately Indeginous community, that they assumed we are naive.”

Chief Angela Demit tells “The Washington Post.”

Disregard For Indeginious Communities

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Janet Vander Meer, leader of the White River First Nation’s coronavirus response team, renounced the couple’s actions. Vander Meer said in a statement that the couple’s actions represent “ongoing acts of oppression against indigenous communities by wealthy individuals that thought they would get away with it.”

“Our oldest resident of Beaver Creek, who is 88-years-old, was in the same room as this couple.”

she told Canada’s Global News on Monday.

The Wealthy Attempting To Get Their Hands On The Vaccine

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It appears that those with the means are going to try all they can to get their hands on the vaccine at the expense of vulnerable groups and those first in line.

“Page Six” has reported that New York real estate brothers Bill and David S. Mack had allegedly arranged for a group of their monied pals to get the COVID-19 vaccine at a Florida retirement home earlier this month.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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