Personality Flaws You May Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The great lyricist, Hannah Montana, once said, “Nobody’s perfect.” Not even the most level headed or chill zodiac sign can reach perfection.

Relationships need self-awareness from all parties to succeed. The above applies to families, friends, and romantic partners. Each zodiac sign has its strong and weak points. Read further to discover what could be some of your personality flaws.


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Aries is headstrong and independent. Nothing can deter them from putting themselves first. This is not necessarily bad but does need the Aries to keep an open mind. Dear Aries, it would be best if you also acknowledged that everything is not a competition. 


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It would help if you got out of your comfort zone a little more often, Taurus. The bull is definitely not boring but can get stuck in routine once they find one that works. If it isn’t broken, make it better, Taurus!


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Gemini is fun and flirtatious, but this can cause a great deal of hurt and jealousy in a romantic situation. Your wandering eye also pulls you to move on to the next thing before taking a moment to think. This can frustrate most people in your life, so slow your roll and communicate Gemini.


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It would help if you stopped taking things so personally, Cancer. Not everyone is out to hurt you. Your mother is not plotting against you since she took two days to return your call. Cancers need to manage their emotions practically when it comes to this.


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Leo, you are great, but you are not the only amazing person on the planet. Leo needs to be more understanding when compliments do not only shower her. Tell your partner or sister that they are fantastic for once; it could work wonders!


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Perfectionism can be significant in the workplace and some areas of productivity, but not for personal lives. If you get caught up on the speck of dust, you may miss a real diamond’s beauty. Approach words of critique with kindness, Virgo, you too are not perfect.


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Communication is an obstacle for you when there is conflict, Libra. Bottling things up or opting for silent treatment never ends well. Trust yourself to communicate clearly and honestly so you can get what you want out of your relationships.


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You need to learn to let go of the reigns, Scorpio. The driver’s seat may feel customized for you, but letting go of control may be the better option. Scorpio also has a flair for drama, which may frustrate loved ones. Try to keep things calm and balanced, Scorpio, your relationships aren’t for show.


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You love a great adventure, Sagittarius, and this keeps your loved ones on their toes. Your wanderlust keeps you moving from situations and conversations that loved ones still need time to ponder on. The people in your life could also surprise you with new ideas and paths if you give them the time.


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Capricorns can unintentionally be ice cold towards their loved ones. Not showing your feelings does not make you a warrior, Capricorn. Vulnerability is much braver than being closed off, so discuss your emotions with friends, family, and partners.


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Aquarius can be a bit out of the box in their expressions of emotions. Nothing is ordinary when dealing with a passionate Aquarius. This can come as a shock to loved ones (even those who’ve known you forever), so let the other person settle in their thoughts as well, Aquarius. 


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It would help if you got your head out of the clouds, Pisces. Your loved ones are not a fairytale character straight from your imagination. Give people a chance to be who they are around you, and accept them for that as they welcome you. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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