Positive Inspiration: 5 Nice Things To Say To Yourself To Kickstart Your Week

Nice words are a treat to hear and can encourage you, even if you are saying them to yourself. Here are some positive words to say to yourself kickstart your week.

If self-affirmations have never been your thing, the act of saying something to yourself about yourself can feel contrived and straight-up silly. 

The words we hear, including the ones we say to ourselves, can impact our outlook on life and affect our days. Try it out, and if it sticks, then yay to kickstarting your day on a high! And if it doesn’t let it fly.

The Key To Self-Affirmations

The key to inspiring yourself lies in feeling personally connected to the things you are saying to yourself. This is why affirmations work for some and not so much for others, and even for those who find it helpful, it may only be useful on some days. 

Clinical psychologist and founder of Long Island Behavioral Regine Galanti, Ph.D., tells “SELF” that your affirmation should feel realistic instead of reaching for the most ambitious phrase you can find. Galanti adds that when you’re feeling anxious, affirmations may feel especially contrived, but it’s okay for affirmations to feel true some of the time.

“I Have What I Need To Succeed”

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Remember to personalize the meaning of the phrase to your life. Whatever success looks like to you, wherever you are right now, is exactly how it looks to be on your way to your success, even if it doesn’t feel like it on some days.

“Everything Is Unfolding For My Greater Good”

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It’s easy to feel like the world is working against you when things aren’t going your way, but the reminder that uphills and turns, summers and winters, days and nights are all part of life, and they’re all bringing you to 

“Something Good Will Happen Today”

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Little thing or big thing, each day comes with opportunities, and you never know what awaits you ‘round the bend. That prospect can be daunting, but it can also be exciting!

“I Cannot Control Everything, But I Can Control My Response”

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Life is unpredictable, and you can’t know what comes next. You can wake up feeling great, then have looser come up and pull some looser move on you; how you choose to react is on you. 

“I Am Supported”

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A quick Google search will give you various meanings of the word ‘support’. Be it by your friends, family, by yourself, or by the ground, whatever it may be, and in whatever form, tell yourself that you are supported.  

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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