Preserve Your Mental Well Being By Emotionally Detaching From Work

We spend most of our lives at work, so it becomes easy to get emotionally attached to your job. However, getting emotionally attached to your work isn’t ideal for your mental well-being. 

Many people get emotionally attached to their work, and sometimes it can be a good thing. When you’re working in creative spaces, your work can be an extension of yourself, but sometimes we take this too far.

While your job is part of you, it doesn’t inform your identity entirely, and if you let it, that can affect your mental health. As a result, we’ve collated a few tips to help you preserve your well-being by emotionally detaching from work. 

Be Honest

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Realizing that you base your identity entirely on your job can be a bit challenging. Coming to this realization means that you have to be honest with yourself about how much time you spend at work and why.

If you are taking up extra hours at work to impress others rather than complete tasks, you may have a problem. Not being able to manage your time also shows that you’ve allowed work to take over your life. 

Find A Work Buddy


We often take all of our work issues and complaints home, which blurs the lines between church and state. Find a buddy at work who you can rant to for an hour a week instead of bringing your work issues home. 

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Many additional things can be taking up your time at work, adding more demand to your routine. Whether it is unnecessary meetings, tasks, or even your own demanding habits, identify and deal with them. 

Removing all the extras on your agenda will give you more control to lead a balanced life. Ensure to develop a plan that appropriately deals with these time stealers, so they don’t arise in the future. 

Be Objective

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It is difficult not to be upset when things do not go your way at work, but it is essential to be objective about them. Taking your work failures, successes or mistakes personally will lead to unnecessary strain. 

Affirm Yourself 

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It is easy to get so caught up in the work that you start to lose yourself to it. Try to take some time to reflect on what personal success means to you and remind yourself that you are more than your job. 

Love, happiness, and contentment will not come from spending all your energy and efforts at work. You should affirm yourself regularly and also list all the other things that you are grateful for in life.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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