Protein Coffee: Is The ‘Proffee’ Trend A Good Idea

There’s always a new trendy product or practice going viral on Tiktok. A few months ago, the protein shake and coffee hybrid coined “proffee” gained popularity. And like most things on Tiktok, we were intrigued.

In March, “The Guardian” had reported that the term #proffee was hashtagged more than 300,000 times on TikTok. Add 80,000 times on Instagram. And while it’s not a drink that’s readily available in most stores, the popularity of it is widespread.

But is this just another internet gimmick, or is this the beverage to revolutionize breakfasts everywhere? Here’s some insight on the trendy new protein + coffee drink on people’s lips.

What Is “Proffee”

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Proffee is a combination of a single or double shot of espresso and a protein shake. To add some foam, some people also oat drink. The drink is essentially a way to spruce up your traditional morning drink with an extra pow-wow.

Though it’s gained popularity in recent months, the concept of “proffee” is nothing new. For those who enjoy the best of both a shot of espresso

Proffee can also include other additives and flavors. Some people add sugar-free syrup, but mostly, a cup of proffee is often just coffee and a flavored protein shake. 

Why Drink Proffee?

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What is the point of this beige beverage, you may ask? Some Tiktok videos suggest weight loss capabilities, proposing that the drink is a healthier alternative to coffee.

Combining your protein and coffee intake may help fuel your workouts. However, this is true if it’s part of your training schedule, as a registered dietitian and nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix suggested to “Insider” as protein by itself doesn’t necessarily build muscle mass.

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Proffee may also help keep hunger away for longer. The protein from the proffee can make you feel fuller for longer, as a protein shake might usually do on its own.


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Depending on how you make it, your choice of protein shake, and all the other bits you might want to add, proffee can provide a less sugary drink than a sweetened coffee. For people looking to add protein to their diet for muscle gains, it doesn’t appear to do much more than your regular protein shake would.

In conclusion, the case for this drink doesn’t seem compelling enough to have us switching out the morning cuppa for a jug of proffee.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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