R&B Artist Amiyelle Launches Pink Box Music Group Label & Releases New Single

Being a woman in the world at large is difficult. There are so many biases and prejudices that we must constantly work against. The prejudices extend and are possibly exacerbated in the creative space. 

For this reason, it is refreshing when we see women lifting other women in any way. Amiyelle, an RnB artist, has created a label that will celebrate women and their unique abilities in this world. 

As a group of women, we at WomanlyLive are excited to see where this label takes women worldwide. 

Pink Box Music Group 

Provided by artist

Amiyelle is an RnB artist who has faced prejudice and many other struggles in the music industry. She has created this record label, called Pink Box Music Group, to allow women to have a safe space in which they can freely express themselves and their talents. 

The first song that will be released on the label is a song by Amiyelle featuring The Game, which is a song that highlights that women are multi-faceted creatures who are allowed to be independent and feminine at the same time. 

Provided by artist

The label is based in Atlanta and will comprise all-female executive staff and will be a label in which women in the music industry are free to evolve and develop their identity as musicians. 

Amiyelle’s single, Mood, will be released on March 26th, and many other singles from many other female artists will follow throughout the year.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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