Recurring Dreams: What Your Mind Is Trying To Tell You While You Sleep

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret message hidden in your dreams? Especially those visions that you’ve seen very often for years. 

Dreams can be challenging to understand, especially since the contents can be quite bizarre at times. Some dreams are so vivid and strange that you may wonder what really may be happening in your mind. 

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There are many theories about the experience of dreaming. Ancient Egyptians believed that you gained powers when you dream, and 20th-century neurologists thought they were a look into the subconscious. 

Nowadays, scientists offer a split understanding of the dream state. Contemporary science believes that dreams have no meaning or are a result of our brains trying to process trauma and waking life scenarios. 

What Are Recurring Dreams

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Recurring dreams are a common phenomenon amongst human beings. Two-thirds of adults experience these dreams or nightmares that repeat themselves over and over again. 

These dreams could be an indication of a circling concern or conflict that you have not dealt with. Psychologists propose that brains process things while we sleep, thus resulting in recurring dreams. 

“When we go to sleep, that little computer will keep churning. It doesn’t just turn off and stop. We have a perception that we’re blank when we sleep – but [the brain] keeps going.”

Says Dr John Mayer

Common Recurring Dreams

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Some common recurring dreams include being chased, losing teeth, being able to fly and failing exams. Although many of these sequences can be coincidental, there is a meaning behind them most times. 

These dreams act as a way to alert the waking self of an inner conflict that needs attention. Psychotherapist Matthew Bowes breaks down the messages behind some of these dreams in detail.  

Dreams About Being Chased

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Bowes explains that this common dream may recur when you are avoiding a situation or conflict. Many people can suppress conflicts in their waking life, but they reveal themselves during sleep.

“The degree to which you are being chased gives a clear indication of the degree to which you are avoiding an issue that needs to be addressed.”

Says Matthew Bowes

To overcome this dream, you must confront your issues head-on and continue to do so in the future. 

Teeth Falling Out

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Pay attention to when this dream occurs as it may have to do something with your birthday. If you’ve been worrying about your age or just turned a year older, then your concerns about aging may be the cause. 

“Your teeth falling out is a common dream associated with ageing and the perception that strength, vitality and power have been lost,”

Says Matthew Bowes

Failing Tests Or Exams Long After Your Schooling Years

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Most dreams are not entirely rooted in reality, so this dream cannot be taken literally in this context. Many people who experience performance anxiety or imposter syndrome at work may have this dream. 

“it can indicate anxiousness and a tendency to put yourself under unnecessary pressure,”

Says Matthew Bowes

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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