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Scar Ate Mufasa: A "Dark" TikTok Theory About Mufasa's Skull


February 01, 2021

Have you ever wondered what happened to Mufasa's carcass? Well, one TikToker has and they've got a step by step theory about it.

Disney's "The Lion King" is one of the most iconic animations of our time. The story takes us through such a journey accompanied by the amazing soundscape and of course all the quotables from Timon and Pumbaa among so many other treasured moments.

Among those unforgettable scenes is the scene where Scar kills Mufasa. But have you ever paused to think what happened to the carcass of the king of the Pride Lands after his brother sent him tumbling to his death? A dark fan theory from TikTok user ClassyKing0 is here to ruin your childhood.

The TikTok Video

The viral video by TikTok user ClassyKing0 questions what happened to Mufasa's body after his brother dropped him off the side of a cliff.

The video makes a convincing argument based of the real life animal kingdom, most specifically the food chain and what would be the supposed, likely outcome of the scene.

ClassyKing0's Research

In the video, we see user ClassyKing0 research which animals eat lion carcasses. This search brings us to the conclusion that it could not have been the hyenas.

However, what we do get from the provided research is that lions are the only animals that hunt and eat lion carcasses in real life.

Connecting The Dots

You can probably see where this one is going right? Nowhere good, that's for sure. So the video then brings our attention to a later scene where Scar is playing with a skull.

Upon a quick comparison between the skull that Scar is playing with and a google search of what a lion skull looks like, the video shows the similarities. The skull in the movie does indeed resemble a lion skull, the video shows us.

In Conclusion

The evidence points to Scar having eaten Mufasa and then keeping his brother's skull around as a darks and twisted souvenir.

So, in conclusion, Scar's going to need a very good lawyer to get himself out of this one because the case against him seems airtight.


Other Disney Twists

And while you may never watch "The Lion King" the same again, this is not the only Disney film that may be altered upon additional context.

Something about knowing the story behind the story tends to make the world a little bleaker, like knowing the truth of the story of Pocahontas.