Self-Care Guide: 7 Small Acts To Live A Happy & Meaningful Life

A happy and fulfilling life doesn’t always stem from an accomplished career and stellar university grades. If the global pandemic and successive lockdown waves have taught us anything at all, it’s to find moments of joy amidst the chaos and hold onto them. 

Nobody likes being stressed all the time, but ironically, most of us have had our lives reduced to dilemmas and traumatic situations. And as is the case with human nature, the instance we achieve our goals, the spark and passion diminish, leaving us feeling lost and disillusioned. 

While it’s good to follow your dreams and strive for better results, attaching happiness with material gains is a falsified notion. Here are seven small habits you can cultivate persistently to make your life happy, meaningful, and worthwhile. 

Start Your Day With An Energy Boost 

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Getting out of bed on the right foot is extremely important because it sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s best to kick start your day with meditation, a refreshing shower, a healthy breakfast, and a walk outside to purge all negativity and breathe in positivity. 

Unplug From Social Media 

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This is probably the most demanding act to follow, and that’s precisely what makes it all the more imperative. You should take small breaks from using your laptops and mobile phones and steer clear of social media to feel light and relaxed. 

Adhere To A Healthy Lifestyle 

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With lockdown 3.0 hovering on our heads and work-from-home regimes dominating our lives, it’s natural to turn into a couch potato. However, we can make intelligent changes to our daily routine by eating healthy foods and creating time for exercise and rest. 

Prioritize Work-Free Weekends 

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With our homes serving as multipurpose spaces for work, rest and play, there can be a likelihood of working overtime and weekends. But we should try our best to make time for ourselves and value our rest above all else. 

Allow Yourself Time To Recharge 

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What happens when we keep using our smartphones with their battery on reserve? They will eventually shut down, and their performance might get affected too. The same can be true for people who don’t make time for themselves to unwind and rest. 

Practice Gratitude 

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When we offer thanks for what we have, it makes way for more and helps us see what we’ve been blessed with. You can derive your definition of gratitude, and over time, it will help you realize how even trivial moments can ignite joy in your hearts. 

Never Stop Dreaming 

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Dreamers and wanderers always have someplace to go, and their constant search for more fuels their passion for a fulfilling life. You should never give up on your dreams and keep chasing them until you’ve reached the point where they turn into reality.

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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