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Shaving Hacks Worth Trying


September 04, 2021

Any person that shaves knows that while it is a quick and easy hair removal technique that is not at all painful, it comes with its own downsides, and it seems that there is seldom a way around them.

The shaving rashes, the ingrown hairs, and that one spot on the side of your knee that you always miss prove that shaving is the easiest hair removal method but not always the most effective or comfortable method long-term.

However, we have some hacks that will revolutionize your shaving experience and allow you to feel comfortable in the days following shaving.


Before you even begin shaving, you need to ensure that your skin and hair are prepared for the event. Doing this will allow you to soften the skin and hair cells, allowing you to get a closer shave.

Exfoliate with a loofah or sugar scrub before you shave. You can do this before you get into the bathtub or the shower, or you can do it while you are in the bathtub or shower. Either way will ensure that your skin is prepared for the shave.

Oil Vs. Water

You were likely taught to shave in the shower or bath, which is perfectly fine because the warm water softens your skin cells and hair follicles, making it easier to get a closer shave, but you should not be shaving with only water.

Using oil or a shaving foam will make it much easier for you to shave and keep the skin moisturized and protected at the same time, which could reduce your risk of shaving rashes.

Choose A Razor

The type of razor that you use when shaving is of the utmost importance. Using an old razor that you bought at a gas station will not give you a close shave and will more than likely result in more shaving cuts than anything else.

It would be best if you used a gentle, sharp razor and allows for a close shave. Men's razors are usually the best bet for things such as legs and underarms, but for your bikini line, you should invest in a specialized razor for that area.

Razor Care

Investing in a good razor will ensure that your shaving experience is better than it was before you had a good razor, but it is also essential that you take proper care of the razor if you want it to last.

Shaving in the bathtub or the shower is commonplace for many people, but you should ensure that you dry the razor once you have finished using it. It would be best if you also stored it in a dry place to not rust.


When you are shaving, the direction you shave is of the utmost importance because it can mean the difference between a close and comfortable shave and a shaving rash and stubble.

It would be best if you shaved in the direction of your hair growth first and once you have done that, shave the opposite way. This will ensure that the longer hairs are removed earlier, and then the shorter hairs are removed afterward.

Lip Balm

Okay, you may have read that subheading and thought that the writers at WomanlyLive had lost their minds, but lip balm can be your best friend when shaving. Yes, that's right, you can use lip balm when shaving.


You will not use the lip balm to shave, but you can use it for the aftercare that you might need. Even with the best razors, accidents can happen, and you could end up with shaving cuts. If this happens, applying a little lip balm can help to seal the cut and relieve the pain a little.


Now, this might be the most important part of the shaving process, even though it is not technically part of the physical act of shaving. It is, however, essential to ensuring your comfort.

As soon as you have finished shaving and dried the skin off, you must moisturize the skin to ensure that you do not get a shaving rash and that the skin is provided with any oils that it may have been stripped of during shaving.