Shop Smart: Our A-Z List Of Small Businesses Worth Knowing

Feb 05, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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Large corporates make money off of exploiting workers, consumers, and the environment. We've become aware of the effects of supporting these corporations instead of small businesses.


Consumerism can have so many adverse effects on laborers and the environment if we are not careful. Buying items from large companies only finances, therefore, enables their harmful beliefs and practices.

It is essential to support businesses that do not operate off greed and have values that align with your own. To make it easier for you, we have collated an A - Z list of small businesses you can support.



Akola is a jewelry brand that aims to uplift women through style and work opportunities. The company hires Ugandan women who craft the beautiful pieces they sell to the world, thus celebrating their talent.

Black Girl Sunscreen


Black women know what it's like to have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen, but finally, it's all love. Black Girl Sunscreen sells SPF lotion with a hydrating and protective formula that doesn't leave behind a white cast.

Gypsy BK


If you want gorgeous jewelry described as 'Goddess armor,' then look no further. Gypsy By Nature will satisfy your jewelry needs without the residual unethical mining guilt one gets from supporting harmful jewelers.

Jam + Rico


Jam+Rico is another black owned jewelry brand that offers pieces with a variety of unique designs. The brand finds inspiration from the bold, colorful and beautiful Caribbean and Latin American cultures.

Lo & Sons


Lo & Sons is a travel centered business that makes accessories such as bags and pouches. All of their products are made sustainably to leave a positive impact on the world and people.

Olive & June


Olive & June offers a luxurious nail and manicure focused brand at an affordable price point. Get salon-quality manicures and pedicures from the comfort of your home when using products from this brand.

Richer Poorer


You can never have too many comfortable seats, basic T-shirts, and cozy sweats these days. Richer Poorer is a brand that offers all of the above and promises sustainability in its production practices.

The Sill


If you are looking for the best plants on the internet, The Sill has you covered with their selection. This business offers convenience and greenery that will make any home feel refreshed. What more could you want?

Universal Standard


Universal Standard is changing the sizing standard in fashion one collection at a time. The clothing brand offers sustainable and inclusive pieces that the stylish everyday woman would love to wear.


Zou Xou is a black owned slow-fashion footwear label based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentinian shoemakers craft these beautifully detailed shoes to meet the chic and modern sophisticated woman's needs.