Shop The SKIMS Items Featured In Billie Eilish's New Music Video

Jun 07, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Billie Eilish just ushered in a new era with her sexy slumber party music video for her second single. The 19-year-old superstar released ‘Lost Cause’ along with a music video in which she wears SKIMS.


We first got introduced to Billie’s new sultry look on the May British Vogue cover. The 19-year-old pop star wore various lingerie ensembles in the Vogue issue instead of her signature baggy clothing style.

It is clear that Billie’s upcoming album will show the star in a light that celebrates her body and sexuality. Her latest music video shows the star in a blend of her old and new looks with the help of some SKIMS items.

Billie’s Changing Look


It has been less than two months since Billie Eilish announced the existence of a brand new album to fans. Since then, we have seen the talented singer’s look evolve to incorporate a more neutral palette.

Many assumed that the new look was to fit her new platinum blonde hair, and they were somewhat correct. Two days after releasing a teaser for her upcoming album, Billie released her first single of the year.


‘Billie released your Power’ in April, along with a music video showing her among some mountains. Billie donned a baggy t-shirt, matching long pants and sneakers in the video, showing her typical style in neutral hues.

After that, Billie’s look was drastically different on the cover of the British Vogue magazine. The 19-year-old showed some skin for the first time in custom bodysuits and other lingerie items that looked fantastic!

Lost Cause


In the weeks after her Vogue cover drop, Billie seemed to revert into her usual covered-up style. She shared images of herself in a ‘Happier Than Ever’ sweatsuit that is merchandise for her upcoming album.

In another post, she wears a white baggy long-sleeved shirt and a black turtleneck in another. However, when Billie dropped the music video for her second single, we were all in for a pleasant surprise.


The self-directed music video featured Billie in a combination of lingerie, pajamas, and baggy clothing. In the music video, Billie dances with a group of friends in a sexy slumber party setting, perfect for her new look.

The music video follows the same neutral tone concept that we’ve seen from Billie since April. Additionally, many fans loved that the music video incorporated Billie’s new sexy persona while staying true to herself.


You may be wondering what Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand has to do with Billie Eilish. Well, Ms. Kardashian took to her Instagram to point out that Billie was wearing a few items from her size-inclusive line.

Billie wears the label’s $42 Boyfriend T-shirt and $26 Boyfriend Boxer briefs in the Ochre colorway. However, Billie isn’t the only person dressed in SKIMS, as fans spotted some of the dancers in the video in items too.

The additional dancers wore the $58 Cozy Knit Short, the $42 Stretch High Neck Bra, and the $34 Stretch Rib Short. Unfortunately, items in Billie’s colorway are sold out, but get shopping on other colors before it’s late!