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Simple & Easy Ways To Practice Self Care


September 29, 2020

Self-care is more than a buzzword that Instagrammers use when posting their bubble baths. The practice requires us to take care of our bodies, minds and souls to keep healthy. 

Our modern lives are always filled with activity that is sometimes strenuous to our health. This fast-paced world of buzzing smartphones and constant pressure is unsustainable for many people’s wellbeing. 

Self-care is a step towards creating habits that allow us to slow down and take a moment to ourselves. This ability to rest and recover is essential for achieving a healthy lifestyle and a good quality of life. We have gathered some simple self-care practices that will allow you some time to breathe and reset. 

Know When To Say No

Many people over-commit themselves to too many tasks and activities, which can be exhausting. A simple evaluation of your schedule can help you filter out the jobs that don’t add value to your life. 

Prioritise the relationships and pursuits that will affect your life for the better and make time for yourself. It is essential to be very intentional with your time and energy to avoid unnecessary strain. 

Regular Physical Activity 

Exercise is vital for self-care and adaptability. Bodies release more endorphins when they are continually moving, so regular physical activity transcends past fitness and promotes a healthy mind as well. 

It is ideal to choose a movement that you enjoy, so you are more likely to participate in it regularly. Any physical activity will be helpful to take up, whether it is taking walks, a yoga class or going for a swim. 

Make A Daily Gratitude List

Daily stressors can put a damper on your mood for longer than they should sometimes. A daily gratitude list forces you to take a step back and put some things into perspective instead of focusing on the bad. 

All you need to do is buy a notebook and write five things that you are grateful for every single day. It can be simple things that we may take for granted on some days like having a sense of smell. 


Have a set time to unplug from all technology and unnecessary electronic devices. Take at least five minutes a day to decompress and sit with your thoughts or not to think at all. You can schedule a meditation during this time or do something stress-free, like enjoying a cup of tea. 


Throw Yourself A Dance Party

You might be familiar with this if you watched the earlier seasons of Greys Anatomy. Dr.’s Meredith Grey and Christina Yang had their random stress-relieving dance parties on lock. 

Putting on your favorite songs and dancing without care is excellent for stress relief. We often forget the importance of having fun and indulging ourselves once in a while. Spontaneous dance parties remedy this, and it is even better if you can organize one with some friends to stay connected with them.