Skincare Brushes: Do You Need To Get A Set?

There are many skin care gimmicks out to hook unsuspecting consumers. Are skincare brushes just the latest wave, or is it worthwhile to get a set?  

For those who have had their faces handled by a professional for a facial or makeup, you may have noticed that they use brushes for creams and serums, and just about everything. You may have even enjoyed the experience and wondered, “well, if the pros are using brushes to apply product, surely this must be the “right” way to do it.”

Additionally, the rise in the use of tools that apply product and promise to boost efficacy may have you convinced or, at the very least, considering getting a set. But the question is, are skincare brushes necessary, and is it worthwhile investing in a set.

What Are Skincare Brushes?

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While most of us are accustomed to applying creams and serums to our faces with our hands and fingers, skincare brushes provide an alternative way to get your product on your face. 

They’re typically quite soft and won’t waste your product by over absorbing and hogging your creams and all. You also get silicone base spatulas that you can use to apply your mask.

Do You Need A Skincare brush?

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The straightforward answer is, well, no. However, while we’re all focused on skincare routines that also feel good, using a brush or spatula may feel incredibly soothing.

Professionals typically use the tools to lessen contact with clients’ faces and spreading unwanted bacteria. If you are the only person using your cream, then the need for a skin brush is not so dire.

Benefits of Using Hands

I quite find that using hand to rub product in is particularly soothing in itself. It’s interesting to feel where the changes in texture may be. Moreover, faces are parts of the body that hardly get touched, now probably more than ever, so with washed hands and applying product feels like an excellent time to get acquainted, which may be relaxing. Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara echoes these sentiments.

“It gives the opportunity to massage and examine the skin for any irregularities. Applying a serum or cream with your fingers also allows for a more robust rub-in.”

Gohara says to “Allure.”

Benefits Of Skincare Brushes

If you’ve got long nails, it may be easier to use a brush. says skincare brushes are great for minimizing the transfer of dirt, grime, or oils onto your skin from your hands while evenly distributing the product.

This may only be true if your brushes are cleaner than your hands. That would, of course, require regular cleaning of brushes.

Brush Maintenance

A dirty brush will defeat the purpose of your skincare regimen. You may end up piling pore-clogging dirt onto your face, which is not ideal.

A clean every couple of days may suffice while, MAC Cosmetics senior national makeup artist Fatima Thomas, in conversation with “Allure,” recommends setting a deep-cleanse monthly.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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