Skincare Sins To Avoid At All Costs

Skincare is extremely personal and skincare routines differ from person to person. Everyone has different skin types, needs, and routines.

However, there are some basic skincare mistakes we all need to avoid. These skincare sins can end up causing long term damage and side effects to your skin.


Sin 1: Over Cleansing

“People think that the more they wash their face, the less they’ll get acne, but most of the time, that’s not the case. When you’re cleansing constantly, the soap from the face wash can strip the top layer of oil on the skin and trigger the release of more oil, which can cause clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads.”

says Vivian Shi, MD, a dermatologist and an assistant professor at the University of Arizona.

It is advised to only cleanse the skin twice a day. Always follow with a moisturizer as cleansers can often leave skin feeling tighter and in need of moisture. Leaving the skin unmoisturized after thorough cleansing will have the same effect as over-cleansing resulting in more oil production.


Sin 2: Tugging The Eye Area

Rubbing and pulling at the skin around the eyes can result in irreversible damage to the thin, delicate skin in the area. Damage in the area can lead to early signs of aging like wrinkles as well as hyper-pigmentation causing darkness in the area.

So instead of tugging at the area to remove eye makeup, gently hold a remover-soaked cotton pad against the lid for about 30 seconds to allow the products to break down then gently sweep the pad across the eye to take off the products.

When applying creams to the area be gentle as well. Pat the product along the contours of the eye with the ring finger as it applies the least amount of pressure when compared to the rest of the fingers. Tap the product until it absorbs.


Sin 3: Relying On Makeup Remover Wipes

In recent years, the popularity of makeup remover wipes has increased substantially in the US. However, Korean or French skincare routines are extremely particular about cleansing the skin thoroughly and this is not possible with just makeup wipes.

Makeup wipes are also extremely harsh on the skin due to cleansing agents and surfactants to break down makeup and debris which can cause the skin to be irritated and dry after use. A tip to avoid skin irritation is to rinse your face after using wipes.

Unfortunately, many people also scrub at their skin with makeup wipes which can cause damage to the delicate skin of the face. Instead of using wipes, it is gentler to use a balm or cream cleanser to remove makeup and dirt from the skin at night. These products melt away makeup products reducing the need to scrub at the skin.

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Sin 4: Sleeping With Makeup On

“Makeup can block the sweat and oil glands temporarily, so if you’re sweating at night or have more oil production, it could potentially clog your pores.”

says Dr. Shi.

Eye makeup can also cause conjunctivitis and eyelid dermatitis if it is not removed before sleeping. Dr. Shi explains that eye makeup that gets into the eye can cause “inflammation of the eyelid because that skin is the thinnest in the body and the most sensitive.”


Sin 5: Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Brushes are often left in open containers and exposed to dust, dirt, and bacteria. Therefore, using dirty brushes to apply makeup to the face can cause irritation, inflammation, and even infection. Florida-based esthetician Crystal McElroy says:

“Invest in a brush cleaner, especially for your foundation brush. Keeping your brushes clean every day will ensure no dirt and old makeup buildup is going to effect your skin.”

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